Transplant days -3, -2: Total Body Irradiation (TBI)

I think my anxiety leading up to this procedure was probably disproportionate to what the actual experience was. Fear of the unknown. It was fairly simple: put me  on a table, close the door and a low-level buzz for about12 minutes. Then they came in, literally flipped me over and 12 minutes later I was done.

Now I’m definitely feeling some weariness but am not totally wiped out. Some nausea but Atavan has been helping.

And while I was roasting today, they were allo-cleaning my room — making it biologically safe for me. It’s a cleaning that takes 4 hours to do and everything is scrubbed down and reset and wiped down. And then my first thing upon coming back was taking an antimicrobial shower. (That will be every day now.)

Tomorrow’s the last day of TBI and then the transplant on Thursday. Will write again as time permits.

Strength and Love,

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