Going forward

For those of you who still turn to the blog to see Seth’s smile and hear his words, I thought you might like to know how the family is doing.

Alan and Sheera have relocated and are beginning to find a sense of peace and stability in their lives that they so deserve. I too have relocated and am beginning to find a life that has meaning, value and purpose. We are eternally grateful for the ongoing support of family and friends.

Needless to say that our lives have been irrevocably changed but it does go on. I believe that the way to honor Seth is to have a good life, remember to smile and laugh and to do things of value that will help others.

I have become very involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in several ways. One aspect, that is very special to me, is their annual walk called Light the Night walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a major fundraiser to support their vital work in research and patient services. This will be the second year that Seth’s Solemates will be participating. If you are interested in finding out more information please visit our team’s web page at http://teams.lightthenight.org/SethsSolemates to sign up for the walk. I can promise you it will be an evening you will always remember. If you are not able to walk with us, I would be grateful for your financial support. Please click http://www.active.com/donate/ltnNewYo/2449_kdpalmer to make a secure tax-deductible contribution. You will receive a confirmation by email of your donation. I will be notified as soon as you make your donation.

Checks can also be sent to:

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
475 Park Avenue South, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Please be sure to include Seth’s Solemates 2008 on the memo line of your check.

As always with thanks for all you have done

In strength and love,



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  1. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Seth’s website, but I have spent the last few hours walking with him through the journey that he posted here. What a brilliant, beautiful young man.

    “‘To choose to get better, never even;” was something he wrote that was posted in the last entry. This is how we all should live. If anything is ever taught to us and our children, this thought of Seth’s should be first and foremost. Seth truly rose above anything that this world could challenge him with. I just want you to know that Seth has blessed me today, from wherever he is, he has once again given of himself to others.

    With love,

  2. I chanced upon your blog in December of last year and was very mvoed and touched by Seth’s journey. It was Seth’s wisdom and Love for everything he had left that helped me through my own problems.

    I’m glad to hear your doing well. How is Voo Doo doing?

    Please do keep in touch and let us know how the walk went



  3. You are a beacon of light, love and inspiration. Seth learned so much from you. All your children, family and friends are blessed to have you touch our lives. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your courage.

    I love you.

  4. Mom-

    So glad that you’ve posted. As I’m sure others do, I check back often to see if there is any new posts on how you all are doing. I so very often when passing Seth’s old apartment on 7th Avenue here in the city specifically stop to reflect upon the loss I feel but the memories I keep of a friend that brought so much warmth to my life over the years I knew him.

    I am happy to hear that you, Alan and Shera are within reach of each other and that you work to continue to support such a worthy cause with the society. My personal efforts as a board member of the National Children’s Leukemia Society has always been a strong cause. We recently has our annual fundraiser/dinner where one of my corporate sponsors made a donation to the charity for which was accepted and given under Seth’s memory – a person who’s influence and compassion that touched us all should continue to be remembered. I’d love to send you a copy of the certificates if you could forward me your address.

    All my best always

  5. I have made it a point in my daily life to talk about Seth, as if he were truly “just in another room”. That helps – for me.

    He has also been my touchstone in the last months, because I know in this deep way that he is with us…not physically, but spiritually.


  6. Hi Mom,

    I studied with Seth in London 13 years ago, I’m so so sad to learn of his passing. I would love to share a picture and few words. My email address is Vinsehgal@yahoo.com


  7. I just happened to click on Seth’s blog which I still have on my favorites list and saw the last comments of Seth’ s mother. I am so happy that Alan(who I also knew from Halsey JHS) and his wife are finally settling down from the ordeal of Seth’ s illness and so happy to hear that you, Mrs. Palmer, are getting back to the job of living life. Life does go on, but Seth will always be in all our hearts and as long as any of us are still alive, Seth will continue to live in our memories and as a part of our own lives. God bless him whereever he is.

  8. Best of luck to your team! I will be running the OKC 1/2 Marathon this weekend with the Team in Training to raise money for LLS as well. My prayers are with you and your family!

  9. Dear Karen– I am so glad we met and we are able to help each other through
    life’s challenges. The greatest challenge is to keep the love in our hearts and the
    smiles on our faces. Seth’s poetry is AMAZING!!!!!

  10. To Seth’s wonderful family,

    Somewhere around the end of December 2007, shortly after Seth went home, I began to have symptoms that were troubling. On March 25, 2008, I was diagnosed with AML.

    Today I was starting to write about Surviving Leukemia and I found Seth’s Blog. I could not help but read the last entries and started to page through to the beginning. I could not stop reading. The similarities of Seth’s experiences with mine were amazing. I began to cry and at times I laughed at Seth’s humor. I read through the whole blog as if it were a book that I just could not put down. Seth’s ability to put into words what he was going through was soothing. I read everything.

    Today I am a leukemia survivor and am wanting to write to encourage those who are dealing with leukemia. I can’t tell you how much I have been inspired by Seth as well as you. I too have a wonderful family and supportive friends who helped me through some difficult times. I felt that closeness to Seth and you as I read the story. Seth is still inspiring others. I hope that you might consider putting this blog into a book for all to read. It would certainly comfort and encourage those who are going through the same thing.

    As Seth would say: Strength and Love,
    Jim Eddy

    • Dear Jim,
      I am sorry for not responding to your message sooner. I do not get to the blog as often as I should. I am so happy to hear that you are a leukemia survivor and that Seth’s blog was a part of your support system. Please always stay strong and remember to love life.
      Strength and love,
      Seth’s mom

      • It has been awhile since I posted my message and am so glad to see your response. I too am late in reading it. I tried to contact you about a site that I put on the internet. I wanted to have your permission to post some pictures and a small story that I wrote about this blog. I posted it anyway since I believed it would be okay. Please look at it and let me know if it is okay to keep it.

        The link is: http://www.squidoo.com/surviving-leukemia

        Strength and Love,
        Jim Eddy

      • Yes, you have my blessing. May G-d grant you strength and health and happiness. Please post a photo of your Seth. I am honored to have another Seth to love.

      • Thank you so much for your permission. I would love to post a picture of my grandson Seth but I am not sure how. I can send it to you directly if you like.

        Strength and Love,

  11. Dear Seth’s Mom

    I hope you will find this message.
    This is Masaaki — you may not remember me.
    I owe him so much. He was my best friend when I was a graduate student in New York from 1993 to 97. It is extremely regrettable that I could not get in touch with him often after I came back to Japan. I have missed him a lot. And I feel so guilty that I could not remunerate his generosity. I plan to visit NY at the end of this month and I would like to visit his grave. I do appreciate if you could let me know its location.

    Sincirely yours,
    Masaaki Nakashima

    • Dear Massaki,
      I am so sorry that I have not responded to your message. It has been quite a while since I have checked the blog as it still is hard for me to read the words and feel the pain. Yes, of course I remember you. Seth spoke of you so often. Are you back in Japan now or in the US. Please do let me know.
      Wishing you all the best,

  12. Thank you for keeping this blog up for others to read. My deepest sympathies for the loss of Seth. I went through cancer treatment last year, and it was so comforting to me to read other people’s blogs. I’m writing one right now that I wanted to share- I’m writing about what it’s like to be a cancer survivor training for a triathlon as a way to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can check it out at http://www.triathlonkrista.wordpress.com
    I’d love to include a link on my blog to this blog, with permission.

    Krista Shultz

  13. I thank you for your kind words. I wish that I was the technical guru that Seth was to help you but unfortunately I am not. I hope that inspite of that you will benefit from the information.

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