On Thursday, Seth had a bone marrow biopsy done, in order for the doctors to see the progress that has occurred since the transplant.  Yesterday we received the results.  The news was a huge disappointment to us.  Rather devastating to be more exact.  Even with all the knowledge, skill and expertise that the medical staff has, there are times when they do not have the ability to change certain things.  We have now refocused our goals.  They are simple and clear…to keep Seth comfortable, safe and secure for his remaining time.  Alan and Sheera are here.  And so are Aunt BJ, Uncle Lenny, Aunt Maxine and Milton.  Seth is very weak and can hardly speak but seeing his closest family has brought a smile to his face.  We should all be proud of the courage Seth has shown, faced with this terrible news.

All of you have been so supportive, nurturing and caring.  You have given us the courage to fight the battle and all of us are so grateful for your constant love. We look forward to seeing your messages on the blog.

We will keep you posted

With strength and peace

Mom, Alan and Sheera


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  1. Dear Seth,

    There are many things to say, and perhaps too few words to express them.

    I am so sorry that the biopsy did not yield the results you were hoping for and am hoping that, as in the past, you beat all odds and are able to overcome this latest set back. I am sending positive thoughts and “vibes” (as we have taken to saying in my family) your way.

    Also, please know that I am amazed by your continued grace and courage in the way you have lived with and are fighting leukemia. It is an inspiration to me and many others (more than you may realize) to live life to the fullest in every situation, as you have. I have not known you long, but your warmth and sense of humor are amazing to me, and I am wishing that I got to know you sooner.

    Please take care.



  2. Seth – all my love, strength, admiration and wishes for peace my dear friend.

  3. My dear Seth I am sure youknow you have all my love and support. I pray to Hashem to give you strength, comfort and no more pain
    To my Karen you have been wonderful and strong, but prehaps thats a Golding trait.
    Love to all Aunt Barbara

  4. dearest seth,

    sending you continued warmth love admiration and prayers wrapped in a big hug and smile just for you.
    love, bermice

  5. Oh, Dr. P… Nick and I will bring some love to Philadelphia this afternoon.

  6. my darling, my Seth…there is so much love that I have for you right now (well, as always, eh?). The biggest of hugs to you and Karen. Peace and comfort be with you both.

  7. Dear Seth, Karen, Alan, Sheera, Lenny, BJ,
    Our love, prayers and strength are with you all. Gary, Smadar, Shosh

  8. Seth, I’m raising another good pint of English ale to your health; thinking of you and wishing you loads of love and strength.

  9. Seth –

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Your perseverance and stamina and courage have been an inspiration to me.

    Love- the Gleason

  10. Dear Seth,
    I have admired you so during this cancer journey knowing how easy it could have been to lose faith and hope. You valiantly held in for which I am so proud of you.
    Karen your strength and continued support has given all of us the ability to travel this road with you.
    You all will be in my prayers and thoughts and may peace be at your side.
    love, hope and courage

  11. I have watched Seth’s journey with admiration and hope….my own daughter at age 24 lost her battle with AML only 2 months ago, so I know the journey well. May the peace of almighty God be with you and may you find comfort in Him. Karen, I know how difficult this time is for you, and if I can be of any support, please let me know. Seth, your courage and strength have been evident throughout this ordeal…my prayer is for no more pain and suffering for you. God bless you both, and know that there are many of us out here who have shared your journey and are praying for you steadfastly….

    Diane in Texas

  12. Well, the grapevine just got this news to me and other friends of yours from elementary school, Halsey & FHHS. Just sorry we didn’t know sooner!! I have so many great memories of times you and I spent together growing up. We did actually date..hee, hee, hee! All those long hours at SING practice…you were always the great talent…the rest of us just organized and choreographed. I am glad I got to catch up with you at our reunion last October. Would it be possible to send a video for you to watch? I am sure your 3 Lisa’s & a couple of Jackmans could make you smile!!
    In love & hope–

  13. Dearest Karen,
    May Seth’s passage be eased by the presence of those closest to his heart. May thoughts of loving family and friends escort him as he ends his travel through life knowing that he will leave a deep footprint for all to emulate and remember forever.
    We love you,
    Shari and Benet

  14. dear seth i was hurt to hear the news about the findings in february and have read your entire blog, its quite amazing… it truly takes courage even to have such a thing documented, everyone prays and hopes for your health buddy. may your days be painless. vic p.s. im not sure if you want company but if you want people to visit let us know the hospital you are at otherwise all the best.

  15. You are all in our thoughts and prayers as always.
    We send our love.and support to the whole family.

    Phoebe & Fred

  16. Dear Palmer Family,

    We have shared Seth’s journey with cancer through the love and concern of our dear friends BJ and Lenny. You have taught us the true meaning of strength and a remarkable support system of loved ones.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this most difficult time. Give our best to Seth. He probably would remember our children more than the old folks.

    Much love,
    Faith and Bruce

  17. Dear Seth,

    I know that I have not written on the blog but I check it many times a day. You have been and are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I didn’t write because I knew if I heard your voice on the phone that would mean everything is working. We have been friends since we’re 10 years old and you have been like a brother to me. Our years together have always had their ups and downs but we always seemed to find each other again and have the close friendship that I always cherish and love. You have gone through the greatest challenge this past year and have shown great courage that I will forever admire. The memories of almost 20 years of friendship live on forever in my heart and mind and nothing will ever be the same. I know we will see each other again someday and will still have the same friendship that I will be lost without. You have put up a great fight and with all my heart I wish that things are different but now I can only hope you have comfort and peace and know how much you are loved. You will live on forever because you have touched so many with your kindness, love and caring.

    You are and will always be my oldest and dearest friend (from our days of riding our bikes in Flushing Meadow to seeing the Liberty Bell) I love you.

    Ed (Ilyssa and Samantha)

  18. Just managed to connect to internet here in FL and checked Blog. Love, prayers and most of all Peace to everyone. Ronnie

  19. Dear Karen, BJ and family:

    May you find strength and courage in everything that Seth has been through. He certainly defines the word. Our love, prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

  20. Dear Karen, Alan and Sheera,

    Karen, I dont even know what to say. You have been incredible throughout this time. Seth has been so lucky to have you at his side taking care of him and making sure no stone has been left unturned. Your strength, courage and determination has been something that one can only hope they have inside themselves while going though such a difficult challenge. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling at this time but can only hope you know how much our love and thoughts have been and are with you. Everyone who knows you knows how special you are. Please call me if there is anything I can do…

    Alan and Sheera,

    Alan, I can remember the times when we were all kids and you and Seth would fight like cats and dogs and I have watched both of you grow into great adults and have the closeness and love of brotherhood that you both now share. This year has been hard flying back and forth but you have been there for your brother better than most brothers could hope. Seth has been very lucky to have you there.

    Sheera, we haven’t met but Seth has spoken wonderful things about you. I know you coming into the family has made life brighter for everyone and you have been a wonderful addition to it. I look forward to meeting you.

    All my love to you all
    Ed (Ilyssa and Samantha)

  21. My heart sank reading this entry. I wish for you all the comfort you can find in each other during this time; my thoughts will be with you. Please keep us informed, to the extent that you find energy to do so.

  22. Seth.
    I wish you all the strength and hope. Warmly, Hani.

  23. Seth, you and your family are in my thoughts. -TPP

  24. Seth

    All my thoughts are with you my friend. It is a privilege to know you and to be considered your friend

    All my love


  25. Seth-

    Never being good at dealing with or speaking about this topic, I nonetheless had to finally write something in your blog.

    I remember the kindness and words of comfort you showed me when my grandmother died so many years ago. She was a very formative element in my childhood and had always seemed made of iron, so indestructible. It was also a snowy December day (much like today in NY) and shock echoed thru me like a ringing tuning fork.

    I don’t remember exactly what you said, but the sincerity in your words and your voice went along way to grounding me and focusing me on the way forward. I pulled it together, set my chin, and did what I needed to do for myself and my family.

    I’m returning that favor by sending that comfort and, as much as possible, some level of grounding back to you today and hope that it does something to ease your pain.

    The thoughts and prayers of myself and my family are with you and yours in this difficult time.

    Scott Rompala

  26. Seth and family
    Please accept my deepest sympathy during this troubled time. My thoughts are also with you.
    Your friend,

  27. Seth,

    Where there’s life, there’s hope.


  28. My love and prayers are with you all at this devastating time. Please call if there is anything at all I can do. Seth, you will forever be in my heart.
    Love always,

  29. Dearest Seth,

    My dear, funny, savvy, generous and with-it friend….

    I remember when I was living on Hudson and Leroy Street and I called you about getting together, but you said “um, not tonight, I don’t want to go uptown” and I thought …Uptown (?!) -you had that cute apartment near Wall Street at that time -and then I realized I had to reevaluate where I was living…..leave it to Seth to always be ahead of the curve : )

    My friend, you are Light and Love, and have always been, and you will continue to be so……

    With all my love to you, and to all who share your love,


  30. Lacking internet capabilities, I’ve relied on Shari and Benet to be my conduit throughout these many months. My heart goes out to you, dear Karen, as you and the family continue to support Seth and each other.

    With admiration and love,

  31. Dear Daddy –

    What to say now? You literally saved my life, and gave me happiness, which clearly I had never had. I will love you forever and ever.


  32. Seth, Karen, Alan, Sheera et al –

    You are all in my heart and in my prayers. I only wish there was something I could do – of course if any of you think of anything, let me know. Meanwhile you all have my love always.


  33. To Family close and closer to Seth,
    There are no words that can express our feelings at this difficult time. You have traveled such a long and harrowing road. It is through you that Seth will continue to live. You have been and still are constantly in our thoughts.
    Our hearts go out to yours.
    Ruth & Gary

  34. Seth, Karen, Alan, et al.

    Please know that our love and prayers are with you. We hope peace and comfort find you during this most roubling time.

    Love Always,

    Lance and Mila

  35. Seth, my prayers and best wishes are with you.

  36. We love you and are always thinking of you.

    Jenny and Brett

  37. So sorry to hear… I am thinking of you, and hoping for you, my friend.


  38. Seth,
    My love and prayers are with you. You are an inspiration to us all. You must hold on to your strength and courage.

  39. Words seem so inadequate at a time like this. Seth, it has been my privilege to get to know you. I continue to wish you courage, strength and peace. You have been an inspiration to me and so many others as you waged this battle.
    Please know that warm, positive thoughts and prayers are surrounding you and your family now.

  40. Seth, Karen, Alan and Sheera,

    The past year was really tough on all of you! You all fought hard and with great courage which I admire and find inspiring!

    Seth, dude, the 10 years that we know each-other, you have shown repeatedly your integrity and strength! It’s a privilege to call you my friend.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!


  41. Seth
    I have written to you from time to time and read the blog continuously. I keep an old picture of us from a party in Queens, NY many years ago.
    I remember our times together in Pizzaria Uno visiting Doug.
    I can never forget you or the friendship and stories we shared.
    I may have moved to S.FL. but I never forget you.
    My prayers oh hope and comfort are with you.
    With Love Always
    Irene – your British Friend.

  42. Seth,

    I’m sorry to hear this latest piece of news. Our prayers are with you and your family during this period.


  43. Dear Seth –

    I was so sorry to read this latest entry… Please try to keep your spirits and courage up – as hard as that may be. I think about you often and send you all positive energy.

    Love – Paul

  44. Seth,

    We’re with you.
    You have been a great fighter, keep that.
    Our love is with you,

    — Bernd & Tene

  45. Seth,

    I am very sad to hear of the news. Please keep your spirit and wit, and yes, as Bill said, hope. You are fine gentleman, a great person, and a wonderful human being.


  46. Dearest All,

    Please give Seth love and kisses for me. I’m thinking of you all and let me know if there is anything I can do. Miss and love you all.

  47. Seth,
    Not sure what to say or how to say it… just know that you remain an inspiration.

  48. Seth & Family,

    Strength and best wishes from Christina and I. We’re continuing to support cancer advocacy with our participation in the upcoming spin4survival. We’ll be thinking of you all.


  49. Seth dear
    It is difficult to find appropriate words at this time
    Let it suffice to say what a privilege it is to know you and your family You have faced your illness with courage and grace and taught everyone how to handle adversity
    Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us who love you
    i send you love and hope and prayers for you and mom and alan and sheera


  50. Seth,

    I wish you peace. And know how much you are loved, by everyone here and beyond. I will keep you close to my heart, always.

    You are a shining beacon. Thank you a million times over, for all of your words, and care, and love.

    You both are heroes to me.


  51. Seth, mon cher ami,
    Tweny years ago, you taught me how to drive my Mom’s blue Alfa Romeo sportscar. We drank imported wine, spoke French and thought we were oh so sophisticated 🙂 My respect and fondness for you has done nothing but grow over the years. I love you for your sense of humor, your love of animals, your faithful suport of causes in which you believe, your charm, your irreverence, your creativity and sense of delight.
    Twenty years later you are still teaching me about courage and grace and taking each moment as it comes. You are an inspiration. I am in awe of your wonderful family and you are all in my thoughts.
    I send you love & wishes,

  52. My dearest Seth,
    From the time I first met you, which included changing a few of your stinky diapers, you have been a beautiful and dear person. It was wonderful to have transitioned from cousins to true and dear friends over the years. Your kindness and support in my dark hours will always be remembered as well as our laughter and late night chats over a couple of well-iced martinis.

    Who knows why we are chosen for the battles we must face, and life certainly is not fair, but it’s how we face those battles and how we love and are loved along the way that makes all the difference.
    And you my dearest one have been a brilliant example of how to fight with all your heart and soul.

    While your family and friends are certainly devastated by this recent development, and words cannot even begin to describe the sorrow to be faced when this final battle may be lost, but know you have always been a shining light of love and joy and strength to all who have known you.

    I love you will all my heart and I will keep your love shining in my heart forever.

    I send you my continued love and support. You have been a tower of strength, a beacon of light and a wonderful mother always. Alan, Sheera, words cannot express how sorry I am for this recent turn of events.
    How blessed Seth is to have all of you in his life …
    Please give him a kiss for me.

  53. All my thoughts and best wishes are with you all at this time.

    Rob – http://cmlblog.spaces.live.com

  54. Karen, Alan, Sheera, BJ and Lenny,

    Our Prayers and thoughts are with you all. We pray that G-d gives you all strength to be there for each other and for Seth. Seth is a very special Angel who came into this world to touch many peoples lives. He has taught all of those around him the true meaning of life and courage. His future is in G-d’s hands. Whatever the end result is all of those who were part of Seth’s life have been blessed with the gift of knowing him and sharing his journey.

    All our love and support,

    Gary, Smadar and Shosh

  55. Seth,

    You will be in our hearts, always.

    Love and Peace,

    Lynda, Kenny, Jake and Max

  56. All the impossible beauty and knowledge and charm you brought into our lives. There is still so much you have to share with us. Prayers and blessings for you and yours in this time of struggle.

  57. Seth,
    My prayers are with you and your loved ones in these difficult times. Knowing you has been a blessing, and I offer my best wishes for comfort and serenity.

  58. Seth and Karen,

    Sending our deepest love to you.

    Amy, David and Jay

  59. Dear Seth

    I will remain prayerful for you and your family and pray that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and mind.

    Much Love

    Froggy x x

    (met when I was Office Manager Viant London)

  60. Seth

    You have battled like a great warrior. Now have peace. Your kindness and love will always be with me. Thank you for sharing your journey. My prayers and love are with you, Mom, and Alan now and always.

    Elisa, Rachel and Megan XXXOOO

  61. Seth…my 7 yr. old daughter (Anna) and I go to a children’s service at our church every Sunday. Each week they ask the children for their “thanking prayers’ and their ‘asking prayers”. Yesterday’s “asking prayers” were filled with very specific requests for xmas…a dog, a backhoe, legos, a “bigger” watch. But we also asked for peace on earth, health for our families…and strength for Amy’s friend, Seth. Seth, I believe in the power of prayer. We are praying for you here and your family. Peace be with you. Amy

  62. Seth —

    David and I are sending you all of our love and strength. We wish you peace and beauty, if that is what you want, but hope for the love, friendship, and even clamor that you bring to us. Remember, Beethoven’s Ninth rallies in the last movement!

    Karen, Alan, Sheera, BJ, Lenny and family —

    David and I are sending you our support. If there is anything at all that you need, or Seth needs, just call.

    Bonnie and David

  63. Seth,

    You will always be in my heart. My prayers to you and your family.


  64. Seth – Because I only started at Comcast in April, I didn’t get much time with you but the time I did have was a pleasure. It is clear you have strength, clarity and peace. I feel blessed for the opportunity I have been given to work with you. I wish you continued love, strength and peace during this time. You and your family are in my prayers.


  65. Dear Seth,

    I have sent your name to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel in Brooklyn for prayers. I am thinking of you and would like to be with you in person – in addition to being with you in spirit.

    May you have a Refuah Sheleyma be’karov mamosh.


  66. Elyse and I send you all our love and admiration and support. We wish you peace. You continue to and will always be a source of inspiration for us.

    Love, always,


  67. Hi Seth,

    Leo, myself and many other AKQAers are keeping track, thinking of you and keeping you and all your family in our prayers. Much love, comfort and peace to you.


  68. Hey Seth,

    Our thoughts are with you. No inappropriate jokes (unless you want them).

    Leo and Jen

  69. Lovely Seth, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since speaking with your Mom. Amelie and I had a big bubble blowing session yesterday that we dedicated to you. You clearly made an impression because she was talking about you and your “big dog called Voodoo”. She also said that you are going to be OK. I’ve missed talking to you so much and have missed your smile, your laughter, your wit and your perception. I still have all of them clearly etched in memory and will for many many moons. Sending again my all of my love, my wishes for peace and miracles, my hugs, my deepest and most profound respect and admiration. You will stay with me.

  70. Hi Seth,

    I’m sorry that we only had a short period of time to work together on Ziddio. In that short span, I found you to be a voice of intelligence and sincerity, balanced by wittiness and delightful, exacting sarcasm. You are in my prayers.


  71. Seth, my prayers and best wishes are with you and your family.

  72. Seth I feel lucky to know you. You are smart and audacious and so much fun. I think of you always with fondness. Much love and comfort to you and to your family.


  73. Seth:
    I am so happy that you came into my life and continue to be such a force. I am praying for your comfort and well-being. Randy and I send our love, positivity and prayers to you and your family.

    Big hugs (lots-o-love) from the deep south,

    Chris Griswold

  74. Seth,

    I feel thankful for having gotten to become your friend. I’ve gained a lot in knowing you – from hearing your candor and honesty to feeling your strength – it has enriched me in many ways.

    I wish you peace, strength and comfort. You will always be in my thoughts.

    Mike Sid

  75. Dear Seth and family,

    My thoughts are with you. And thank you for sharing so much with us.


  76. Hi Seth,

    We are all of us thinking of you and your family and wishing you comfort, peace, strength and love.

    Best Wishes


  77. Dear Seth,

    If i remember correctly the most recent words coming out of your mouth back here in NYC at Sing Sing karaoke were…

    Come hear the music play.
    Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
    Come to the Cabaret!
    (We sing it every time we’re there and dedicate it to you)

    Miss your voice, flare, and most importantly your Seth-ness. Thinking of you as you deal with this set back. Sending thoughts of courage and love to both you and your family bud.

    Cheers, Jordan

  78. Seth – thinking about you. Love you.

    Dave and Grant

  79. Dear Seth,

    We’re so sorry to hear the latest news.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We wish you continued comfort, peace, and strength.

    Joe, Mirella, & Jack

  80. aMy dear Seth
    Ialways knew you were a very special person but reading the blogs remarks I say in a way you were a lucky one to have touched so many peoples lives and their friendship. my prays ars continaly with you. To you my dear Karen my admiration inyour handling this terrible time in your life with courage and strenght. May Hashem bless you and give Seth peace. love alwaysAunt Barbara

  81. Seth and Family —

    I am late to the news — and am overwhelmed with sadness as all in Seth’s family and circle surely are.

    And yet, there’s an involuntary grin that comes when I think of you, Dr. Palmer, and the boyish charm (and antics) that so well complimented your maturity, accomplishments and otherwise worldly wisdom.

    Be at peace, my friend, and know that as we all say prayers, I also lift a glass (with extra olives) celebrating that secret ingredient only you ever add to our experiences together!

    Much Love,
    Josh Lamont (Viant New York)

  82. Dear Seth,
    Although I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you in person, I treasure the time I’ve had to share in your courageous battle these past months. Your courage, stamina, humor and intelligence always beamed through, even the toughest of times, and you will always stand as a strong and special man in my mind. You have touched so many w/your candor and courage. May the rest of your journey bring you to a place of calm, gentleness, and peace.

    Karen, words do not come easily at this time, but I know that you know what is in my heart – I’ve told you often. You are a shining example of a Woman and a Mother. Your children are blessed to have you. I am blessed to know you.

    May you all gather together and hold dear the very best of times you’ve shared. Wishing you the blessing of peace.


  83. Dear Seth

    Mate, so sorry to hear that your latest news is not what we all hoped. Your friends at AKQA wish you all the best, your courage and bravey is humbling.

    You are a unique, kind and warm person. Intelligent, passionate and always made me laugh. Whatever happens please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    Much love, respect and admiration from your old boss Nick. Writing from London on a cold night feeling pretty sad.

    Nick C

  84. My Dear Friend,

    Remember the time you invited some of us home from the GTECH project to celebrate the Passover (and to rescue us from the “rainbow room”)? I’ve always been sorry we weren’t able to make that visit happen, but it has always stayed with me as an example of the care and kindness we could all always expect from you.

    Your joy, spirit, and humor both in person and in your emails (especially regarding the Barney’s spring sale ) have always been inspirational.

    Now it’s our turn to lift you up. Your friends and loved ones from all over the country and all over world are with you. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your family.

    We all love you Seth!!!


  85. Play on, Seth Palmer…you were always a fighter…especially when things didn’t go exactly the way you wanted…sorry, I couldn’t sing that well, but I tried my best…life needed you then as it needs you now…be strong…all from Forest Hills are pulling for you…don’t disappoint us.


  86. Seth,
    My heart just sank when I learned this latest news. You are indeed a force to be reckoned with and hope is not to be given up. Will be thinking of you, hoping for relief and sending lots of good wishes and energy.


  87. Seth, you will continue to remain in our prayers.
    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    Peace, man.

  88. Seth, Karen, Alan, Sheera –

    Can I make a suggestion that might be helpful to you, coming from someone who has gone through something similar?

    Designate someone who isn’t quite as close to the situation to act as your email contact, who can share information to a non-public group, and take questions that may come up. I can only imagine that you’re overwhelmed (and have been for a while), and that it’s hard to be gracious with all of it. Let this person have access to the blog so he/she can get the email addresses of everyone who has submitted posts, maybe also go through Seth’s address book and generate an informal list. That way, you only need to communicate with this one person to stay in touch with the many people who obviously are concerned about Seth (and you).

    I know that Michael T recently visited, and he’d be great at it; I’ll hereby officially offer to help; and I’m sure there are several others who would only be happy to help out.

  89. Sorry to hear of the bad results, Seth.. Don’t give up, buddy.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    *good vibes*

  90. My dear Snorp,
    You will be in our hearts and memories forever, in every joyous occasion. In my mind’s eye you are unchanged, you are vibrant, you are sharing our significant events — and so you will always.
    With my love,
    Madame Snorp et famille

  91. Hi Seth
    It’s lunchtime at work and I was just checking in on the blog. I was thinking about you as I look at the old picture I have here of us in Forest Hills. We were definitely having a good time with bottles of beer and alcoholic beverages everywhere, but then again – what do you expect with a Brit near at hand 😉
    I’m still here in “sunny” S.Florida not too far from Ed, but I do miss NYC.
    Most of all I miss you – one of the most intelligent and kindest guys I have met during my years in the States. (oh yeah..I finally decided a year ago to take dual citizenship instead of just keeping my green card).
    I hope today you are feeling more comfortable and able to read this message. Thinking of you constantly!
    Love and hugs,
    Irene xx

  92. Seth,
    Thinking of you. There’s a quote from Babe Ruth, I like ” You can never beat the man, who does not give up” Keep fighting.


  93. Words can not adequately express how sorry I am for your recent test results. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  94. Seth, two years ago you and I broke out in song to the sound track of Rent right in the middle of the Passover Sedar! That is just one of the many many happy memories I have of you. At this sad time that brings a smile to my face. Another special one for me is when we danced at my wedding. I love you and want you to know I am thinking of you. There are just too many wonderful things to say about you so I think “you are the best” will do for now.

  95. Dear Seth,

    I am so sorry for what you are going through now. You have such an amazing soul. So kindhearted, smart, creative and I can’t forget talented. I still remember all the wonderful time we shareed growing up in F.H. It seems like yesterday. Remember the coed slumber parties my parents let us have. (My kids are forbidden).

    Seth stay as strong as you are. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.

    All my love, Lisa G

  96. Beautiful Seth … I am sending you my payers, love and all of my positive energy your way … Love you,

  97. Dear Seth..

    I’m so glad Michael and I got to see you on Sunday. It was great to visit you and your family and share the stories of some of our shenanigans. I love how you got your two cents in, correcting me when I left out an important, dramatic detail with your perfect, comedic timing. Countless times I’ve sat with you over the years for your invaluable counsel mixed with non-stop entertainment, even as recently as a few days ago. That means so much to me, and that’s the Seth Palmer I love so much.

    Karen, you’re a rock star. It’s so clear what tree the Seth-apple fell from.

    Love to the whole family,

  98. Seth —

    Your courage and spirit are inspiring. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


  99. Dear Seth,

    We just found out what’s happening and are praying hard. We remember you, Debbie and “Mr. Giggles” and the great times you had growing up. We’re getting in touch with Debbie asap and hope we can at least speak to your mom. Karen, when you see this please get in touch if you can. We’re still in FH at the same address and in the book or e-mail us at tednroz@nyc.rr.com. Our thoughts are with you.
    Roz & Ted O.

  100. Hello from Boston, Seth. It’s been a long time, but word of your illness and this blog has spread throughout the internet.

    I just wanted to wish you all the best. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and those of my family.

    Take care, Seth.

    Mike Troiano

  101. Seth,
    tu seras dans mon coeur et mes pensées pour toujours.
    Je pense très fort à toi et à Voodoo.


  102. Seth,

    I was so sorry to hear the latest news. Since the day we met at Viant, you’ve always been a special friend — I wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Much Love,

  103. Hi !

    The struggle against leukemia is on all over the world.
    Your strength and will to fight this has travelled the Atlantic ocean all the way to Sweden. We are several leukemia patients who are inspired by you.
    You have helped us and will help us in the future when we continue our fight against the cancer.
    Our thughts are with you these sad day.

  104. Thank you for everything, hon. You’re still the ultimate survivor. So much love from me to you and yours.



  105. Seth-
    though it is hardly a comfort at this time, your amazing inspiration and beautiful soul have touched so very very many people. thank you. may god bless you and give you strength, courage, and peace.


  106. Seth,

    The Ziddio site has not been the same since you left. I miss having you here at the office everyday and the late nights we’d spend commiserating about ‘stuff’. I think of you often and want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you now.

    Greg Sokoloff

  107. Hi Seth,

    Michael Tamburro stopped by my office at Merck today. Yes, the guys are still working at Merck. You kicked it all off so many years ago now with that fabulous EULAR project!!! I can’t remember exactly, but I think we localized EULAR for 40+ countries! That was amazing for the first project! Now we just do it routinely. You started it all. You’re THE MAN!

    You continue to inspire me with your courage and the love of all your friends as reflected on the pages of this website.

    Sending lots of love, good vibes and peace your way.

    John Liu

  108. Dear Seth, Karen, and Mr. Giggles,
    Wow, I truly am speechless, and if you ask my parents, that RARELY,if ever, happens. What a way to get back in touch. I hurt for all you are going through right now and can’t even imagine what it feels like… I have thought about you often over the last bunch of years, wondering what all of you were up to, NEVER thinking I’d find out something like this.
    Here is how I remember things…..

    I have this incredibly vivid picture of the basement of the synagogue where my mom worked, Seth at the piano playing Fame over and over and over until me, Virna, Shari, and i think Eden got it down pat.
    Another really vivid memory is of the computer lab at Halsey with Seth teaching, or trying to teach, me how to print various things all over the TRS-80 screen. Most of us that ate lunch in there just didn’t want to do so in the cafeteria for various reasons, myself included, but we actually had a lot of fun and saw a very different side of Mr Weinman……
    You know, I never did truly get the hang of that Unified Math crap they tried to feed us, though you tried your best to change that. Man, I actually chose a major in college that specifically did NOT require calculus… Not my strongsuit, but thanks to you , my Test Corrections were at least correct for the most part…

    I wish you peace, comfort, and strength. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you .

    Mr. Giggles,
    Mazel Tov on your marriage and may Sheera always know the really sweet guy you are. I would love to see your kids someday in the future… ; – )
    Please try and e-mail me at Denda@aol.com
    I would like to hear what is going on..

    You are as strong and courageous of a person now as i remember you. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. It led me to be able to ‘speak’ to you . Your sons have always been part of my life and i have never forgotten that. I truly wish I wasn’t writing this in this forum and can’t even begin to imagine the agony of seeing one of your children suffer like this. I don’t know that I would be strong enough to do what you are doing the way you are doing it if, G-d forbid, one of my three were sick. It is hard enough when they have a simple fever… I wish you peace and love ….



  109. I was sorry to read this lastest news.
    We will keep you in our prayers.
    May Hashem give you all the strength you need for this difficult time.
    With Love

  110. I know I already posted before, but I’ve been thinking of you so much. How it was you who threw those interview questions at me…”what’s the difference between a precondition and an assumption?” or something like that. Wow. i was dealing with a professional. Awesome.

    I’ve told everyone since then that you are truly a phenomenal person. I was lucky to fall into your, Dave’s and Charlie’s orbit at Organic. Again, wow. The most idyllic work experience ever – your description of “the drama slide” is famous (I always credit you, of course). I treasure the night we all got together again in NY, it’s one of my fave photos.

    I also remember one day early in September of 05 at Organic, and we both showed up in Toronto looking very swanky…and we talked about how post-Labour-Day, it was time to get serious about one’s look again.

    Your absolute commitment to excellence, and intelligence, and wit (oh, the wit, and the exacting knife-life sarcasm) were the first things I noticed, and loved.

    You gave me the confidence that I could start my own business. Honest. If they gave Academy Awards for business analysts, you would definitely come before my agent, lawyer, representatives, and so on.


  111. Seth,

    I only knew you for a short period of time through work, but you left a lasting impression on me. Such a vibrant personality! What an adventurer! And never have I come across anyone else who conversed with me in French during an interview.

    I was heartbroken to hear this latest news.

    Mi sheberach avoteinu mekor habrakha l’imoteinu.
    Your life is a blessing to all of us whom you have touched.

    Much love and strength to you and your family,


  112. Seth:

    Although we are casual business networking contacts and we don’t know each other well, I must say that your courage, grace and determination has been inspiring.

    It is crystal clear that your family and friends deeply care about you.

    I wish you strength and peace on your journey.


  113. Seth,

    I’m really glad we had a chance to work together where you’ve left a positive imprint, which seems to be a pattern looking at the other comments here. You’ve been a big net plus to everyone who’s lucky enough to cross path with you and isn’t that all we can hope for to do in life?

    I’ll remember you always,

  114. Seth and mom,
    I just returned from business travel to view your posting and my heart heavy in hand. Seth, the past years i’ve know you, you’ve always faced every situation with determination, strength and perserverance. When ever there were times of challenges you brought comfort and encouragement to those around you who that you considered a friend. There seems at times like this no words that I can offer that feel as if they’d give the most relevant and comforting meaning that is felt from within.

    The journey you both have traveled this past year has been one that I know for certain i would not have had the ability to face with such determination and positive spirits. You serve as an inspiration to us all for the strength you’ve given each other.

    Seth, you remain in my thoughts, prayers and with my love in my heart on a daily basis for being the special person that you are and will always stay there for me. My deepest love and prayers for you both.


  115. Dear Seth,

    I am really sorry to hear this news. I have fond memories of hanging with you in NYC during the early Viant days. You were such a bright, creative and passionate guy, I really appreciated the time I got to spend with you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,


  116. I can’t write in words what you mean to me, Seth. Which is why I’ve avoided the blog for some time now. I couldn’t muster the courage to read the daily updates or to share my feelings. I just learned of this latest blog post. I’m so sorry for not checking sooner.

    You are a best friend, an older brother, camp counselor, mentor, teacher, and so much more to me. I love you with all my heart. So much of who I am today is because of the role you’ve played in my life. You have always been there when I needed you. From taking me on my first New York City subway ride to my first concert to my school plays to my very own hospital bed a few years ago. You are my rock, Seth. Mom, dad, and Jessica all send their love and you and your family are in our prayers.

    All I want to do is be next to you right now.


  117. Dear Seth,

    I am sitting here crying, having just gotten off the phone with Ed, who filled me in on your condition. Words cannot express what I am feeling and going through over the past six months, ever since I found out that you were battling leukemia. I have been keeping up wih your progress via the blog, and have been leaving messages of love and support for both you and your family.

    I can still remember the first time I met you ~ your love of life and thirst for knowledge on a variety of topics impressed me very much. What also impressed me was how you faced whatever obstacles were thrown in your way, whether it was on a personal or professional level. And that wit ~ oh my word that sharp as a tack wit!!! You were one of a few people who could keep up with me (Ed was in that group as well), and I always enjoyed bantering with you on a number of topics, from the evils of Macs vs. the evils of PCs, museums, art history, music, movies… god the list goes on and on…

    I will also cherish all of the fun and silly times all of us had in Forest Hills ~ hanging out at Pizzeria Uno and all of the fun all of us would have at Doug’s expense, meeting up for gelatto and gossip at Piu Bello, singing broadway tunes at the top of our lungs in Ed’s car heading to wherever all of us were going (destination: unknown), and most of all, the way you cared about each and every member of our little “family”.

    My heart goes out to you, your mother, Alan, and Sheera (and also your adorable puppy, Russell)…

    You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I will always remember you, Seth, and know that I will someday see your smiling face again…

    Susan and Cary

  118. Dear Seth,

    Barry and I have been so fond of you from the very first day we met you (15+ years ago?) on camp visiting day. You have been an incredibly wonderful influence on Michael and are one of the most important people in his life. Your support, encouragement, humor, intellect, friendship (I could go on and on) have helped him become the man he is today. You’ve always been there- for the good times and the bad.

    I remember the last time I saw you- on the street in NYC with your dog. We hugged and kissed and jumped for joy at seeing you. Please stay strong and come back to NY- I want to see that warmth-exuding smile of yours. You are in our thoughts and prayers all the time.

    Mom, what a wonderful and special son you have. This is not fair.


  119. Seth,

    You and your family have shown an amazing amount of strength and perseverance. You are amazing and have done so much to teach me about faith and love.

    I am unfortunate to have not met you personally, but I am honored to have run for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise money so that more research can be done to eradicate this horrible illness. I hope that one day I can be as strong and as courageous as you. My thoughts are with you and your family.


  120. Seth, just watched Messy Sethy video and listened to your mastery of flight of the bumblebee. I remember a winter’s night last year when you called me to play me the beautiful song you had scored for sheera and we discussed haunting female vocalists and we discussed the virtues of virtualcantor and other online Jewish musical services. Glynis stopped by earlier and we were talking about Seth with the acid sharp wit, and the dry sardonic humor and perennial charm. It seems even she was aware of the John Young shoe error 🙂 I have so many visions of dinner parties (my gourmand in crime), impromptue jam sessions and french conversation and polyglot evenings and you will be there are all of them. I miss you. I know I tell you this everytime we speak. I miss you – I’ve missed you these past 3 months and I miss you now. With love. C

  121. Seth,

    I’ve spent much of yesterday and today reflecting on the many heartfelt memories I have of you, some quite hilarious and some just plain ‘ole wrong…. 🙂

    For example, the night that you and I fattened Voodoo up, giving her treats trying to teach her to not shy away from me. You were so persistent in getting her to learn that I wasn’t a stranger and wouldn’t hurt her giving her a treat from you and then trying to get her to come take one from me… Or the summer on Friesland and more specifically Nick’s visit out and the red fireman’s hats that (had the you know what sticking out from it) we seem to have acquired somehow… and who could forget of course weekly “BINGO” and Kenny – your presence was the main highlight of those nights for me and g-d knows the only sanity that helped me get through those 6 dreadful hours behind a bar!

    I think its evident from everyone’s postings, all of us hold the dearest memories you and you’ve touched all of us in so many different angles which was just your special way.

    You and I came to know each other at a point in my life where I faced many challenges and you immediately became a friend and source of support and offered up love as if you and I had known each other forever. When i reflect back upon the past years of my life – I can’t imagine having had them any different way, namely without you in them. You always challenged me to strive even more in life – personally with my relationships, my career, my friends, my interests, and pushed me to look at all dimensions of what comprised our existence.

    Regardless of the long hours that kept us earning a paycheck, or scheduling nightmares, and time that passed in between seeing each other, we both seemed to pick right up as if no time had passed, and over that time your determination and passion and friendship always remained constant.

    I have not had the fortune of knowing your mother intimately nor your brother, aside from a photo here or there or a mention in a conversation. But I think regardless even in a time of difficulty as we are, you’ve still managed to bridge and bring together all those special to you and you to them to truly show the love, determination and courage you’ve given to us all.

    You’ve been a special gift to me, and the rest of your family and friends to have touched our lives.

    My one wish for you right now is that you feel and know the comfort and the love that we all have for you and that you continue to face the rest of today and tomorrow with the same courage and determination that has made you so special to all of us, and In knowing this, you find the strength that is needed now.

    I’ll make a deal with you, if you do – just maybe I’ll pay up a get your sofa cleaned (which i think i prob owe ya).

  122. Dear Seth and Family,
    We are praying for you all and wish for a hopeful 2008 for all of you.
    Tim, Susana and Nicolas

  123. Hang in there, gorgeous. Besides, you owe me a phone call and I hope you don’t think I won’t collect.

    Love you to pieces, always and forever,


  124. My best thoughts are with you. I drive by all the spots we used to go to when you worked out in Santa Monica. Good times. West Philly is no place for you to be — too many Wharton people around 🙂

  125. Seth and Family,
    I can’t find the words to express my sadness on the last posting. Your strength, positivity, and courage amaze and inspire me.

    Wishing you comfort, peace, and laughter during this difficult time.

    -Elizabeth Lee

  126. Dear Seth,
    I haven’t checked your blog in several weeks but was disappointed when I did today and found out about the results of your latest tests.
    You know Seth, I have known you for some 20 years now, having many conversations with you in my office at Halsey about the many things that students and Counselors talk about. Over the years we have continued to talk when you visited the Guidance Office at Halsey, on the phone or email after I retired, not often, but often enough to continue to know about each other and things that were happening for you and for myself. When things were not positive in school or after, you were always a fighter and not one to give up then and as you face these daily challenges today, you must not give up now. Stuff happens my friend, and in medicine every day brings new drugs and protocols. You blog has been a source of strength to so many of your friends, as is witnessed by all their comments, that through them, you and your family will find the strength to continue.
    I remember our last conversation on the phone shortly after you were diagnosed with Leukemia, you cried a bit, but behind those tears you had a positive attitude and were ready to take this on. There have been many ups and down, unfortunately the latest news is a down, but I and all your friends know that this will be a temporary setback and you will prevail. Never give up your positive outlook on life and know my dear friend that with every strength I have, my prayers for you and your family continue.
    I wish you were strong enough to be able to talk on the phone, but believe me, soon that will be able to happen.
    Take care and I will continue to read the blog and the reports that your mother gives. Hopefully the news will be more positive as the days go by and remember, my friend, I look forward to our next phone chat, you promised.
    My love to you and your family,
    Cliff Kalb

  127. Today I am very very very sad 😦
    My heartfelt condolenses to the family.

  128. Baruch Dayin Emes! May your Neshama have an Aliyah! We need Moshiach. May your soul merit to be enclothed in a physical body once more with your family and friends!


  129. Seth,

    So much I want to say and yet I don’t even know what to say. You were truly blessed in so many ways. I will miss you more than you will ever know. In 30 years you were there for me, my best friend, and the brother I never had. I am so sad that you are not here anymore.

    Karen, Alan, Sheera,
    My deepest condolences. If there is anything at all I can do please call me. I’m flying up Sun afternoon so if theres anything that I can help with anything at all I will be there. My heart goes out to all of you. All my love during this time.


  130. Dear Karen, Alan, and Sheera,
    We are so very sorry to hear the devastating news. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you at this time– we are right nearby. Our prayers are with you. Wishing you strength and courage.
    Lance and Mila

  131. It’s just not right…we are still children…

    My deepest condolences to all…


  132. My deepest condolences .I was hoping to see him in office someday . I will miss a very good friend.

  133. My condolences to Karen, Alan, Sheera et al.

    And yet, I’m angry. I’m very, very angry. I’m not even sure who I’m angry at. Maybe at the doctors, maybe at Seth’s physiology, maybe at myself for thinking we didn’t make the most of our time together as friends. I don’t know. I do know that I tried, and that I loved him. I loved him when we were schoolmates together at Halsey, and even though a lot of time went by between ninth grade and our reconnection in ’01, I never stopped loving him. I loved him when he came out to my apartment in Forest Hills for dinner in ’02 and played the piano all night while I sang. I loved him when he came out to the apartment for lunch in ’03 and I taught him to make my Buffalo Chicken Salad. I loved him when he threw cocktail parties in Chelsea in ’04 and ’05. I loved him when he agreed to sit with me at the FHHS reunion in ’06 (which he only attended because I begged him to) and his dry witty admonishments for me to have one more bite, eating disorder be damned. I loved the endless gossip about people we had in common, both from school and from the Leonard Bernstein Foundation. I loved his laugh. I loved his speaking voice. I loved each and every phone call. And I loved him so, so much when my ex kicked me out the second time and Seth called me up and said, in a Jewish accent, “The foist time didn’t teach you anyt’ing?”

    Go with God, Sethie. I’m gonna miss you forever.


  134. Dear Karen, Alan, Sheera, Ed, and the rest of the Palmer Family,

    Both Cary and I were devastated to hear the news of Seth’s death. My heart goes out to the family, as I know what it’s like first hand to lose someone you love so much to leukemia (my late father died of the same “flavor” 18 years ago).

    We will not be able to go to the funeral, but would like to make a shiva call while we’re up north this coming week.

    Again, we are both so sorry for your loss… Seth was one of the most amazing and strong individuals that I ever knew, and he’ll always be in my heart as a friend.

    Susan & Cary Leonidas

  135. Seth will always be with me. I my heart, mind, spirit and soul.

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