Day + 72

It is really Sunday (73) but I have not yet gone to the hospital.  Here is the latest update on Seth.  The doctors have tried a new combination of drugs to try to get the GVHD under control.  It will take several days to see if this works.  They use the words drugs and medication but the reality is that is a form of chemo, not nearly as potent as he had before but never the less that is what it is.  Seth has taken it without any major side effects, except that he numbers have gone down a bit.  This was to be expected so we were not surprised but he has felt weaker from it.  The doctors told us it would take some time to see if this new combo of drugs works.  So we have to be patient but it is really difficult.

He is so grateful for the laptop as he can find ways to divert his thinking.  It is so hard to  find things to do when you do not have the strength to even pick up a phone to talk.  At times, we have truly amazing conversations about all sorts of things both trivial and important and other times the quiet of just having another person around  is the way to go.

I know Seth misses all of you and is looking forward to getting out of the hospital and being able to visit and see you, me too 🙂

With love and strength,



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  1. Hi Seth and Karen,
    Not unlike most mornings I check for your updates. I can only hope that this combo of meds is the magic potent. My prayers continue for you and I admire you for your ability to remain optimistic in the face of all these setbacks and slow progress.
    Remember with out faith nothing is possible, with it nothing is impossible.
    In my thoughts and prayers always,
    love, hope and courage

  2. Dear Seth, just a little teasing to help[I hope] amuse you. are you sure they are not mixing liquors and pretending they are medicine. seriously keep fighting as you have and pray everything will help you to be able to go home . all my love and prays Aunt Barbara





  4. Hi Karen
    I have been remiss in not checking the blog for a while, but I made up for it today. I cannot even imagine what Seth (and you)have been going through for the past ten months. I’m all the more touched that you took time to check on whether the fires affected us. (They still haven’t!!)
    Please give our best wishes to Seth and our hope that he gets to go home and sleep in his own bed very soon.
    In the meantime, hang in there.
    Steve and Chris

  5. As always our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up your spirits and with this new drug combo hopefully you will get to go home soon.

    We wish you a Happy Hanukkah.

    Phoebe and Fred

  6. Thank goodness (and Grandma) for an update! We can only imagine how frustrating this is for you guys. Of course you remain in our prayers and thoughts constantly!

    Lots of love and prayers that this magic combo does the trick!

  7. Hi Seth,
    Haven’t checked your site in a few weeks. My prayers are with you that you will soon feel well enough to go home and get back to a normal life. I know it is a struggle and I am sure that you are sometimes discouraged at the results you see, but have faith and eventually you will get your health back.
    My best regards to you and your Mom. She seems like a real trooper, though discouraged sometimes, the light of hope is always there. It will come, I am confident in that.
    Your friend,


  9. Dear Seth and family,
    I understand much of what you are going through as last March I received a BMT from my brother for acute leukaemia.
    Like you Seth I had many difficulties and I want to let you know that people do get through this – I certainly was not expected to on several occasions and spent five months in hospital after the BMT. But now, after many ‘miracles’ I am nearly back to full strength and enjoying life.
    It’s such a terrible journey through the transplant but as you will have found out the best way to cope is to live in the moment and take a day at a time. I have a good feeling that you will come through this and live a long life.
    With love and blessings,

  10. Seth,

    I think about you a lot. My prayers are always with you.



  11. good morning Seth,
    hugs prayers and contant admiration…
    wishing you an easy week with rewarding signs of improvement.
    love, bernice

  12. Hi Seth and Karen –

    Such complications. I admire you for staying focused and patient, but I can only imagine how hard those dark, sleepless moments are. Make sure both of you tend to all your needs. You’re often in my thoughts.

    Karen, I don’t think I have your email address. Would you mind sending me a message just so I have it? My address is

    All the best.

  13. Ok so no update – but wow this is way easier to read! Well Daddy I’ll update you.

    It is windy here, and I keep trying to tell Lenna that I don’t wind. You know I don’t think she’s that smart, cuz she doesn’t appear to understand me at all – she makes me walk anyway! I think you need to find smarter friends when you are done with all this other stuff!

    Lotsa licks – love you!!!!

  14. Hello Palmers,
    We Shermans send all our love and keep hoping that a posting soon will say that you’re on your way home. Alexandra says hurry up because she has all sorts of new tricks to show you!
    With all our love,
    Deb, Neil and Alexandra

  15. Always good to read an update, especially w/news that you’re handling the new cocktail w/out many side effects.
    How encouraging to read the note from Janet about her recovery.
    As tomorrow dawns and Hanukkah begins to warm our days, I wish you continued steps forward. Remember that miracle – and beleive that you will have your own.

  16. Thanks for the update and format change. I think the lighter background is more “uplifting.” Is there a subliminal message here?
    Sending much love and virtual hugs,
    ABJ & ULen

  17. good morning on a freezing new york day..

    wishing you light, health, miracles and lots of latkas.
    Big hugs and happy chanukah…..bernice

  18. Karen and Seth,

    I second the brighter design of the blog, and hope that it reflects a brighter feeling over there in Philadelphia. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the cocktail is doing the trick and that you are feeling better even since this most recent post.
    We will think of you tonight when we light the candles and continue our prayers for your improving health.

    Much love,

  19. Dearest Cousins,
    May each night of Hannukah and each candle keep the light of hope, progress and love burning brighter and brighter as you move towards total recovery. It was great to read Janet’s posting above to know that you will get through ALL of this and be chomping on latkes and champagne (or…insert alchohol of choice HERE)…with friends and family from outside the hospital confines…
    I miss you all and love you madly…

  20. Happy Hanukkah, darling. Many more, in your own home.

    I third(?) the new template. I saw that, and I knew Seth was on there, working away. Funny how so many of us gauge how things are going by the new look. I hope that means the cocktail is working (truly, there are better cocktails in your future!).

    thinking of you lots, with strength and love,

  21. Seth and Karen,

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Wishing you much love and best wishes through the holiday and beyond. I know that you will find the strength to keep moving forward. I check the Blog regularly and marvel at the positive and forward movement.


  22. Thinking of you on this first night of Hanukkah.

    While lighting candles with my family tonight I thought of you and hope you know how joyful we all are that you have been sustained and have made good progress through to this new season with us. Good health is on the way.

    Neil & Deborah & Alexandra (from Neil this time)

    p.s. this message redeemable for brisket and latkes when you are ready

  23. here’s something I just found…

    Cancer Cannot ~

    Invade the soul
    Suppress memories
    Kill friendship
    Destroy peace
    Conquer the spirit
    Shatter hope
    Cripple love
    Corrode faith
    Steal eternal life
    Silence courage

    ~ author unknown ~

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