Day + 65

Here we are…at day 65 post transplant.  Still struggling to get the he…. out of the hospital.  Remember how naive we were, thinking oh yes, we will be home in 30 days.  That is the perfect world.  We are not there.  It must be on a planet in another solar system.  If I sound frustrated, I am.  And if I feel this way, try to imagine how Seth is feeling.  It amazes me, that inspite of all the setbacks, there are still things that still make him smile; a funny story, a good movie, and so it goes.

We did have Thanksgiving dinner together.  Homemade turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce.  It was a time to realize how much we do have to be grateful for.

From a medical standpoint, they are still trying to get Seth off more of the IV medications.  This is very tricky and challenging for all. They tried one of the medications that he must take, but his system was not ready for the oral form, so back on the IV he went.  Even some of the medications that he has been on for a long time, sometimes become problematic and they need to be changed as his body does not do well with them any more.  The GVHD becomes active as soon as there is a change that the body does not accept so it is a very slow process to make this transition.

Seth asks that you continue to share your comments on the blog.  While he does not always have the energy to write, he does love to read what you say.  It is a wonderful way for him to keep connected with all.  Needless to say, it means so much to me as well.



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  1. Dear Seth I know you are going thru some setbacks and some steps forward just know that everyone is rooting for you and we are praying that things will turn allin your favorvery very soon.
    I see you still have not been able to list your neww Hebrew name.
    All my love and prays
    Aunt Barbara

  2. aunt Barbara says disregard her spelling errors. Love

  3. Seth,

    It was good to see you on Thursday and see that you still were smiling and fighting. We pray for you every night and I know you will get through this and back home soon.

    Have a great week.

    All the best – Glenn, Amy and Family.

    H U G S AND S T R E N G T H

  5. HI SETH




  6. strength and love, sweetie. Even tho’ I’m not American (and no bad jokes about our dollar now, I promise!), I thought of you and your Mom alot these past few days. And how we are all so grateful that you’re fighting as best you can…you will prevail.

    And to Karen, wow…you are so strong, so loving to us all. It must be hard, but you are one kick-ass woman! Thank you for keeping up Seth’s blog, often the only way we have to know what’s happening; and to stay so so positive.

    My future sister-in-law was just diagnosed with brain cancer, and I’ve pointed her fiance to this blog, because I firmly believe that Seth’s and your account of his journey is hopeful. The power of “strength and love” WILL move mountains.


  7. Hi Seth and Karen,
    I couldn’t help but think about you at Thanksgiving. Holidays are difficult,but inspite of all the tough things we have endured this year we still have much to be grateful and thankful for. Negative thinking just pulls us deeper into that dark hole.
    A positive outlook is healing. Just keep watching those movies and find the humor all around us. So glad to see that you still have that in you. I think that that is sometimes the harder struggle but you have demonstrated that you have that ability for sure. I am not giving up from my end, and I learned a long time ago not to hold the medical profession, nature or g-d to a time table. It will take as long as it takes.
    So glad to read this blog, but am still waiting to hear that these obstacles you are encountering have been removed.
    love,hope and courage,

  8. Dear Daddy –

    I am very glad that grandma brought you a proper thanksgiving feast. We had a crowd here and have now discovered that I (Voodoo) do NOT like babies, not one bit, not at all. They are noisy and their arms flail about and they scare the wits out of me. The “thing” (baby) was here from Wednesday until very early this morning and let me tell you there just aren’t enough rooms in this house for the two of us.

    On the other hand they do have their uses as they don’t wash their hands and sometimes have very yummy things there – but not often enough.

    Now that the house is peaceful again I am happy to have read the blog. Although we did sneak away during the holidays just to get a peak. I’m glad that the progress continues – regardless of how slowly. I can only imagine how frustrating it is!

    All the best of love, hugs, kisses, good wishes and of course doggie licks!

  9. I am glad to hear that you had a yummy Thanksgiving meal . . . everyone deserves the opportunity to consume way too many calories on that holiday. I am hoping for Seth that some of Karen’s very tasty latkes are on the way in the next week!!

    This year I am thankful that while your progress is slow, it still is progress. I am sure that it is frustrating, but every day that you get through is one day closer to getting off the IVs, out of the hospital, and forward. Keep your spirits up and we all will hope for the better things that I just know are to come!!


  10. Again, thanks for blog update. I hope you know how much the contact means to all of us “Solemates.” Very glad to hear you enjoyed some homemade food for Thanksgiving. It must be very hard, but be thankful for small favors. Hoping both of your strenght and determination, along with all the prayers and good wishes, will see a positive outcome soon. Ronnie

  11. Both of you are in our thoughts and prayers always. You inspire the best in each of us. “The road is long
    With many a winding turn…but I’m strong…”
    abj & ulenny

  12. Sethie, one of these days very soon you’ll be at my apartment in Rego Park making beautiful music come out of my Chickering baby grand. And I’m holding you to that. Hang in there, gorgeous.

    (P.S. If it wasn’t clear, it was me who had Shelley get in touch with you. I thought you guys would be good to know each other).

    Karen, thanks for the update. God bless.

  13. So this time next year you will be debating which of the 45 Thanksgiving dinner invitations to accept… Sending love and certainty that the road will get clearer and easier soon. Strength. C xx

  14. Thanks as always for the update. I’m stuck in Jersey City most days, and as tedious as it is here, being stuck in a hospital room must be infinitely worse. I’m very glad that you find humor in the silly things around you. Have you tried books on “tape?” I keep thinking the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann would be strangely apropos. You’re often in my thoughts. All the best

  15. good morning greetings this wednesday,

    sending thoughts and prayers for an easy day filled with healing and laughter.

  16. good morning Seth,

    just thinking about you and not controlling the urge to post for the third time.
    hope your day is good…
    big HUGS to you and mom.

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