Twins :)

Ultrasound of my heart from yesterday.


5 Responses

  1. OK, so I’m not as well versed in medical imaging as you are but is there a transplant nuance here or is it just a pretty picture of a strong and healthy heart?

  2. Hi Seth,
    tried sending a comment on Sat when you posted the ultra sound, it apparently did not go through.
    I am really curious what is in the meds they are giving you? Can you tell if you are having a boy? girl? one of each? So glad to see you have your sense of humor, sometimes that works better than meds.

    Keep blogging
    love, hope and courage

  3. Um….I’m really into this only child thing daddy – I think twins are something we need to discuss!

  4. Hey darling…good to “hear your voice”…it sounds very strong and clear…and as always, I know you will get through whatever is thrown, tossed, slammed, invaded, or crept your way…I am glad to hear mom got to go back to her apt for a day or two…where are Alan and Sheera these days…did they go back?
    by the way …the twins have your beautiful eyes…
    big hugs to all

  5. PS…can you change the background please…its very hard for this AARP member to read

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