Day + 42

Just to let you know that Seth made it out of bed, did a walk down the hall and back.  It was a huge effort but he did it.  He is now on the BRAT diet. (no nasty comments, please)  This is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.  If his body continues to respond positively, he will progress to the next level.  I don’t know exactly how the hospital defines the next diet.

The  clot is still being watched as it has caused his arm to swell up but as of right now, the doctors are not planning to do anything more.

He keeps asking the doctors when he can get out of the hospital.  They have explained that he needs to get off all IV meds, be able to eat enough to sustain himself and be mobile enough to have a sense of independence.  This is a huge goal but attainable and Seth is working hard at it.  There are times he feels so weary but he is determined to get home just as soon as possible.

Please continue your wonderful support.  It helps so much to have you with us.



11 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that Seth is able to get out of bed, become more mobile and eating some solid foods. All good signs. I read the blog daily as it is part of my routine. At the office it is the first thing checked before reviewing my e-mail, voice mail, etc. Nothing is more important as everytime I open the blog, it is sending my strength & prayers to you all!! I guess it is akin to the number of hits a website gets, the more clicks the better!

  2. Hi
    Slow but positive, that is all that matters.
    No comments on the food other than to say hospitals were never known for there Cuisine cooking. What fun it will be making up for all those lost meals and some real food.

    keep the good news coming
    love, hope and courage

  3. Hi Seth,
    Just a note to let you know that I am thoroughly
    exhausted from reading about your trials and tribulations. You are working so hard, and it will pay off for you sooner than you think. If they told you everything about the transplant BEFORE you had it, you might have thought twice about having it. That’s why they don’t tell women all there is to know about pregnancy and birth or it would be the end of the human poplulation! Ask your Mom to explain that one!
    I hope you did not forget our invitation to Tucson for rest and relaxation once you are “free” and on your own…well, bring your Mom with you!
    Lot’s of love to you and Mom,
    Louise [and Steve]

  4. Your determination and faith continue to bring you success – what an inspiration you are! I tell everyone I meet about you both – and they add you to their prayers.

    Stay the course… your mother’s cooking is coming soon – and that’s a great reward.

    Hugs to you both,

  5. I’ve been been following along with you very frequently and am so glad that things are going in the right direction. You are all strong warriors and I have no doubt that after all the past and any future battles that you will win the war. Keep up the strong fight and my thoughts are with you.


  6. Now that’s what I’m talking about – continued progress! Well done Daddy and Grandma! Keep it up, remember slow and steady wins the races (something I sometimes forget with my little doggie brain)

  7. yay! serious progress by all accounts. sending love and hugs.

  8. i love you.



  10. Slow and steady ALWAYS wins the RACE…Keep up the great work and the positive attitude…
    Big HUGS to all…
    Much Love

  11. Couldn’t agree more with Louise. (Please excuse me for being familiar Louise but l think you make your point very well) Good heavens.. if anyone had ever told me how completely insane my love life is/was/or might be then l would have saved myself the trouble and bought a golden retriever and a DVD of Xanadu.
    Is that light at the end of the tunnel lookin’ more and more like the glint of light off plates on which is served five star cuisine?
    You betcha baby!


    Ted and Steve

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