Day + 26

Yesterday was a big day for Seth.  He asked me to hold off writing on the blog last night, hoping that he would have enough energy to get to write himself.  The thought and desire to blog was a huge step.  It will happen soon.

Seth is still fighting the GVHD disease which is being most stubborn but the doctors are coming up with some good options that should get this under control shortly.  The good news is that Seth got up, and walked OUT of his room today.  His physical therapist walked with us but he did it on his own steam.  We estimated that the total distance covered with about 40 feet, then he sat in a chair for a bit.  All this activity really tired him out but it was so good to see.  This is the beginning of the re-contamination process. It is a positive step and as his doctor reminded us, this goes in baby steps.  Oh yes, and the very best (from my own perspective) was that I could finally hold his hand. I had to be gloved but that was just fine.  Boy did that feel great!

Love to all, thanks for your continued support



15 Responses

  1. These steps forward may seem small, but oh so significant! Our continued prayers and hopes for more of the same!
    With much love and virtual hugs,
    Aunt BJ & Uncle Lenny

  2. baby steps always came before giant steps I have complete fate in you doing this in a very short time. keep up the good work. as soon as you go on the blog please correct your hebrew name, my shul has already. love as always Aunt Barbara

  3. Karen, thank you as always as holding down the blog…and for YOUR inimitable strength and courage…you are an example for us all…if anything this whole experience has been an inspiration to me (and all of us I am sure) about savoring the small steps and the simple moments of holding one’s hand…
    much love and hugs to you all

  4. Great strides and certainly im sure much welcomed for you both!! I’m sure patience is difficult at times, but you’ve both been down a long path and finally a very positive clearing – hang in there

  5. So, So glad to see the encouraging news. Karen, thank you so much for keeping us all informed. It’s always good to find a new entry, and especially when the news is so positive. Love and Kisses to all. Ronnie

  6. 40 small steps. . .one giant leap of our hearts. Thank you for sharing this encouraging news!



  7. Dear Seth,
    I can’t imagine what it must have been like to leave that room after so many days. Congratulations! You must know that the progress may be slow and seems small but the excitement of hearing that you are moving along is huge! Keep working hard your fans are cheering you on from a distance.
    Hang in there Karen,
    love, hope and courage

  8. Small steps. Small steady steps. I could not have heard better news today. Keep up your amazing strength, spirit and faith. And keep holding hands!!! Wons of love from the big apple — Jacques

  9. We are very happy to hear of Seth’s progress. As always our thoughts and prayers are with him.

  10. so incredibly happy to hear this momentous news. sending more love, more strength, more joy and as ever the very best wishes for great health. love to you both. c

  11. This process is a rebirth – you’ve taken a new name for this part of your life – and now you are taking first steps again… steps that will lead you to a new level of health, new joys, new adventures. Slow and steady – stay the course… and the rewards will follow. You are on your way. Soon the gloves will come off and that will be another new high!

    Wishing you new blessings with each step and each day.

  12. Overjoyed to hear that you are building a slow but solid foundation of strength and easier days
    You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
    Shabbat Shalom Seth and Karen
    Hugs, Bernice

  13. Wow…way to go Seth!

    You may not remember me right away but we became acquainted during the spring of 1995 via IRC and met face-to-face while we were both studying in London that summer. Sadly we lost contact sometime in late 1997 and over the years I had often wondered where you were and how you were doing.

    Imagine my shock and surprise when I recently came across your blog. For the last few days I have been reading through your experience and am amazed to learn all that you have been through.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Warm wishes,

  14. Just got home from a short trip to DC and was glad to see that progress is “really” being made.
    What was that quote a whilel ago -“One small step for man and one large step for Seth”. Keep up the good work.
    Bente and Shari

  15. Dear Seth and family,
    I just saw the story about your disease for the first time – it’s hard to find the right words, but I just want to say that I am deeply impressed by the way you all are handling this extremely tough situation. There are not many people who fight a disease like that and keep a so upbeat, positive blog going at the same time. I wish you all all the best from the bottom of my heart and hope to see you again sometime soon in NY when you’re back on your feet!
    [ex-colleague at akqa ny]

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