Day + 22

We got the results from the procedure that was done on Thursday. The good news is that the infections that Seth is fighting are part of the process of the new cells taking hold in his body.  Nothing that was not anticipated.  They are changing some of the meds to address this and hopefully he should begin seeing some improvement in the next few days.  While Seth is still very tired, he is really starting to feel very frustrated and depressed by being cooped up in this one room for so many days.  He knows that this is the deal but it is really difficult.  He just has no energy or patience to do things.  Once these infections are brought under control hopefully these things will also improve.  There are times when I too, feel so frustrated as there is nothing that I can do to help make things better.  While he is not on the blog regularly, he does ask about it almost daily.  I let him know about all the comments and that really means so much to him.   Thanks for keeping us in your hearts and thoughts.



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  1. Glad to hear things are moving along, but so sorry moving so slowly. I try to understand how frustrating and depressing this must be, but know I really can’t not having been there. Saying hang in, lots of love and prayers, seems so insufficient. But I guess that’s all the “solemates” can do. Hope you soon will see some light at the end of the tunnel. much love, Ronnie

  2. WOW! some really encouraging news. SO happy for all of you.
    Maybe the rest will begin to fall into place more rapidly now with the change of meds.
    We can all hope
    my very best wishes to all
    in love, hope and courage

  3. Keep the faith Seth. I know how long the hours can be. Our family will be thinking and praying for you tonight.

    Trust that the other side of this storm are better skies and days.

    All the best – Glenn and Amy Gleason

  4. For Seth not to be running around, being in charge, making decisions, and instead being at the mercy of his regenerating cells must be the most frustrating thing for someone like him.

    I’m sending my strongest “hurry up, safely!” thoughts to his new cells. Lots of love to him, and you Karen, for being our “Reuters” wire news service – those who are far away from him welcome hearing updates.


  5. Karen,
    Thanks for the update this morning–what a difference 24 hours makes. We are relieved to hear the infection is a “normal” part of the process (knowing, of course, that for you and Seth “normal” and “to be expected” still make for enormously difficult days)

    Sending love and healing thoughts,

  6. I know that many people have said this already but thank you very much for keeping up the blog. Seth has so many people pulling for him, it is a true blessing to be able to stay so informed. We’re in this together.


  7. I’m sure I can only begin to imagine how tough it is to be confined to a room and a bed and then having to fight off one problem after another like this. The usual advice of “one day at a time,” “keep your chin up,” etc., seems completely inadequate.

    The weeks go by faster here than they do in there, Seth, and to me – at any rate – you’ve made great progress and shown great courage and tenacity since all this started.

    If you haven’t read it and have the energy, you might like “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann. Always thinking of you, man.

  8. As one Type A personality to another, I totally get your frustration in not being able to do anything but wait…and if that’s all the down side to all of this…so be it…as it appears the upside is that the treatment is working…your body is on the path, however, slow and battered, to full recovery and if you can just keep a pinpoint of this “light” as your guide post, I know my dear cousin, you will make it through the “pain” of these days – whether emotional, or physical.
    While they will have made a mark on the rest of your life, like childbirth, your memory of the pain will not be acute and these challenging month will be a distant memory. Here’s to your full and complete recovery and your life in which you will be facing all sorts of new and wonderful experiences. The mind has a beautiful way of inducing amnesia of painful experiences.
    Wishing you love and sending hugs.

  9. Thanks for the update . . . Dave and I think about Seth all the time and the updates help to keep us from fretting too much.

    I would take the boredom as a good sign . . . at least Seth has the energy to be frustrated and irritated, which means that sunnier skies have to be on their way. We know that Seth will have this thing licked soon!

    All our love,

    Bonnie and Dave

  10. You know when composers loll around in a minor key for a while before modulatin’ into some wild related major … well…here’s to your imminent abandonment of all things involving raised sevenths and one hell of a modulation in the near future…. Ready… set… GO!

  11. Love to you all, including Voo Doo!

    Please know that each of you is an inspiration to me & my Mom for your courage, grace & moxie. I have kept her up to date about your journey and we both send our most positive support & good feelings to you all.


  12. Thinking of you all often and keep hoping the healthier times are right around the corner. Your strength is an inspiration to all and I have no doubt that this website is helping many silent others.
    My prayers are with you.


  13. Dear Seth,
    Delighted to read that you are building a slow but firm foundation to greater strenght and easier days.
    Shabbat Shalom to you
    Shabbat Shalom Karen
    Love, admiration and many prayers

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