Day +21

The doctors are still trying to figure out the best way to stop some of the infections that Seth is dealing with.  Today they did a procedure to help get some more answers. It was quite exhausting.  Hopefully this should provide the information needed.  Seth had just one comment regarding all of this, “They really brutalize a body to get through this.”

Please keep the good thoughts coming.



3 Responses

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~(good vibes)~~~~~

  2. Hi Seth and Karen,
    If this is all a test to see how much you can endure you already passed it with flying colors.
    If I had my way you would be receiving your diploma’s and on your way to getting on with the rest of your lives.

    All I can do is encourage you to hang in as you so valiantly are, with lots of love and hope

  3. Hi Seth & Karen,
    Hope the latest procedure provides some good info to fight the infections.
    My father always said that the human body is an amazing specimen and that sleep is a means for the body to rest and rebuild. And the body knows how much it needs to sleep…
    So sleep easily and sleep well, Seth. Let those building blocks make you strong.
    May your dreams carry you to the reality for which we all are praying.

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