Day +20

In some ways it is difficult to realize that already 20 days have past since the transplant and yet each individual day seems to be so  long.  Seth’s numbers are continuing to recover and some of the infections are getting better but he is still  fighting others.   The one thing that we just could not possibly imagine was the absolute exhaustion that Seth is feeling now.  It is to be expected as the new cells begin to take hold.  His body requires huge amounts of sleep.  Now I know what “sleeping in” really means.  When he is awake he is truly Seth, asking all the right questions, giving directions and showing his sense of humor and then he calmly states, OK for now, I am ready for a nap…….

He does get to read the blog and really appreciates all your  comments even though he is not quite ready to answer them directly.  Hopefully he will soon take back the reins to blog.

With all our appreciation for your love and support



6 Responses

  1. Hi Seth and Karen,
    Once again it was great hearing from you.
    If sleep is the best medicine then go for it.
    Just keep reporting that the numbers are climbing, that is all I want to hear.
    Continuing to do what I can, lots of prayers and thoughts about all of you.
    In hope, courage and love,

  2. Karen and Seth,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress. I check into the blog every morning as part of my daily ritual and am always excited to see a new post with the promise of new good news.

    I wasn’t a top math student, but 20 days sounds like well more than half way to the big “30” day mark. Go back to some of the earlier blog entries and just focus on how far you have come. Truly, that is progress.

    Remember, the only way out is through.

    Thinking of you every day,
    Amy, David and Jay

  3. Dear Karen my hat off to you for your patience and understanding and standing up to the job. but then that is a family trait. Just please correct Seth’s hebrew name
    and let my dear Seth know a blog is the 1st thing I do in the morning. Enjoy your sleep because once you are back on your feet you will have so must catching up to you you’ll very little time to sleep. love Aunt Barbara

  4. Thanks for the latest information, we are happy to hear of Seth’s progress. As always he is in our thoughts and prayers.
    We look forward to seeing both of you soon.
    Phoebe & Fred

  5. i have just begun to read your blog. my daughter told me about it. i was diagnosed with aml over labor day this year, and i am currently at the fox chase temple bone marrow transplant facility near phila., pa. i have been in here since sept 7.
    had 2 rounds of chemo, and am now at the point in my treatment plan of receiving the leukine growth factor to get my counts up. my two brothers are not a match for transplant, and they are now searching the national registry. it is nice to read about someone elses experiences especially since i have such anxiety over even the decision for the transplant. it is overwhelming.
    i wish you well, seth, and mom too. my strength is in God and the transplant staff here at fox chase. i will continue to watch your progress.

    God bless,

  6. Dear Aunt Barbara,
    You are so right about changing Seth’s Hebrew name on the blog. Unfortunately, I am not as talented as Seth so we will have to be a bit patient and wait until he is back to doing the blog and will make the correction. I promise.
    Love you.

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