Day +15

Just an update for you.  Some of Seth’s numbers are just beginning to recover.  This is a huge step but one of many, many more to go.  He is still fighting some very stubborn infections.  The antibiotics need more time to work since Seth’s immune system is being suppressed. This is necessary so that the new healthy cells will take hold. So you can see that this becomes very a very frustrating situation.

On another note, Seth has developed a taste for lemon ices.  (Probably because the hospital food service cannot really mess that up.)

We also want to thank all of you who have supported us and walked with us for the “LIGHT THE NIGHT” walks in Philadelphia and in New York.  It means so much to us to have you with us.

With gratitude and appreciation



4 Responses

  1. Hi Karen and Seth,
    I have not called thinking you would keep everyone posted when there was something to share. With the holidays the last couple of weeks I have been putting in overtime praying. For sure Seth has been at the top of the list. I saw my Rabbi this week and he is now on the team of supporters and he assured me he will have Seth amongst those he prays for each day. I am looking forward to hearing that Seth has turned that huge corner. We all must continue to have faith and hope.
    Give my love and regards to all,

  2. Hi, Karen and Seth:

    Karen, it was so good to see you on Thursday night for the Light the Night Walk. I am sorry that we had to meet after 30 or so years under such circumstances, however, there must be a reason. All I can say to you, Karen, and to you, Seth, is to keep your faith and your spirit high. Laugh often, love strongly and fight hard. I, unfortunately, understand all that you are going through and offer my thoughts and prayers and “Korn Kisses” to give you hope and encouragement. I posted my Light the Night Walk webpage so you can read a little bit about my husband and I and understand about “Korn Kisses”. Please know that I am thinking of you both. If you want to talk, feel free to e-mail me. Love, Julie Steiner-Korn

  3. Please tell Seth that while I’m in Vienna – in a world of music and culture – that I think of him constantly, and we are all sending him our thoughts and prayers.


  4. Hi Karen, Hi Seth…
    Always thinking of you and knowing that you will both come through this with all your valiant efforts. How brave you both have been, and as a reward, you are invited to Tucson for some rest in the sun when all is calm and healthy days are on the way.
    Hugs to you both from me and Steve.

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