Day +10

No matter what we were told at the detailed pre-transplant meeting and from Seth’s doctors and nurses, and all that we read, until one actually goes through the post transplant process no one can really comprehend it.

Seth has had the spiked fevers (to be expected), extreme fatigue (to be expected) lack of concentration(to be expected) some infections being treated by a myriad of drugs (to be expected) some confusion caused by some of the medications(to be expected) transfusions (to be expected) and so according to the doctors he is doing “fine”.  His numbers are very low and he will continue to feel this way until they start to recover. In reality he probably has another 3 or 4 days at this low point and then if all goes well he should begin to get stronger as his numbers begin to go up. We expect this will be a gradual improvement and we look forward to sharing that with you.

Your wishes, and love and faith are a constant support for all of us.



9 Responses

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with Seth and his immediate family whose love bolsters his remarkable determination to win his war. We’ll try to do our bit by serving as foot-soldiers in his private army.

    Shari and Benet

  2. My best to you both – keep your heads high and eyes toward the goal which is almost here. Sadly I will not be able to join you on Thursday for the walk due to my own recovery this week, but my love and best to you both. 2 – People who directly define the words strength and courage.


  3. As long as things are going as “expected” then I know and pray that Seth’s complete and perfect recovery is to be expected!
    Sending much love and light from California…

    Huge Hugs and Kisses

  4. Checking in on you- happy to hear that things are going along “as to be expected”! Glenn will return to the floor tomorrow. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Amy Gleason

  5. There’s always someone over here thinking of you wishing you well Seth.

    Godspeed towards recovery my friend.

    Jordan Buntain @ AKQA

  6. And, he will get stronger, quite soon (to be expected)

  7. As always, our thoughts and prayer are with Seth and hoping Karen and family are staying strong. Let us know if you need anything. We love and miss you all.

  8. Hello There! Scott writing in from Stockholm, Sweden – talking to my mom and Just found out about all this! Many many many loving, healing thoughts coming your way from scandanavia. The blog is an inspiration. Stay strong in your words and actions. Have faith. I’ll check back soon!

  9. Strength, love and a Wagnerian symphony of goodwill.

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