Transplant day -4: Chemotherapy again

They are pumping me full of saline solution – liters and liters of the stuff – to keep my bladder irrigated which is the standard procedure to avoid infection. The corollary effect, however, is a lot of … uh … discharge. The Chemo is starting to make me queasy but it’s being managed. My appetite is already gone and I’m feeling sleepy and a little down, but generally still feel like I’m on a good track.

Tomorrow we start radiation. That scares the shit out of me. But I have CDs with me that they can play whilst I’m being zapped so hopefully that’ll be ok. It may be difficult to write for a couple of days given the upcoming procedure, but I’ll try.

Strength and love,

PS: Please remember to support us for the Light the Night Walk:

To make a donation, please visit:

To join the team and walk with us in NYC on October 4th – my mom and Voodoo are team captain (I’ll be in the hospital in the middle of the transplant procedure), please visit my recent blog entry with directions to join:
(it’s not the greatest user experience – my apologies in advance)

Thank you.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Seth,

    It is hard to believe that you are approaching your transplant. For so long we just prayed there would be a match. Then, of course, we just prayed that you would be well enough to actually have the operation. What a long, incredibly hard road to have come down to actually be preparing for the transplant itself in a few days.

    Now we pray that your determination and strength get you through this next difficult phase (not to mention sense of humor and unsurpassed family support.)

    All of our best wishes for you,
    Amy, David and Jay

  2. Hi Seth. I found your blog while looking for information about stem cell transplants. A very close family member was diagnosed with Leukemia in June. I live in Virginia and she is in Colorado. Your blog has helped me understand what her journey has been so far. She will be undergoing her transplant October 10. This is the same day as our light the night walk in my town. I am the team captain here and hope to raise money and awareness.
    I wish wonderful things for you and your continued health. I pray that your transplant goes well and the months afterwards are successful. Your courage is an inspiration to everyone. I admire your strength and your ability to stay optimistic.
    Take care and best wishes.

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