Transplant, day -5: Chemotherapy

It was a fairly uneventful day after getting a foley line installed. I received my chemo today along with anti-nauseau drugs, some magnesium and a bunch of vitamin E. I had a diuretic to help get some of the fluid out of my bladder which is being flushed and that’s worked well. I’m tired earlier than usual so I’m going to sleep. Will try to write to up the blog as I can through the process.

Strength and Love,

PS: Please remember to support us for the Light the Night Walk:

To make a donation, please visit:

To join the team and walk with us in NYC on October 4th – my mom and Voodoo are team captain (I’ll be in the hospital in the middle of the transplant procedure), please visit my recent blog entry with directions to join:
(it’s not the greatest user experience – my apologies in advance)

Thank you.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Seth – As you begin the next steps to your ,just want you to know that you’ve got so many people in your corner. At high holy day services and dinners this past week, you were the subject of countless prayers.
    Stay positive, stay strong,

  2. Seth, I read your whole blog. My very good friend has leukemia. He is 55 and lives in israel. He has had his BMT already (aug 19) and I heard from him once or twice but haven’t heard anything recently. I am distraught and worried as there is no way to get in touch with him. Thank you for your blog. It has helped me understand much more of what hes been going through and I will surely follow you on your journey. Keep the faith Seth!!! I am another person that will be rooting for your!

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