Back in hospital now

Was admitted this afternoon after some initial administrative issues. Had the procedure to install my hickman lines and am resting comfortably before moving me to my bed up on Rhoads 7. More to come.


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  1. Hi Seth-
    I found your blog while googling for some info on HUP. We are here on the 7th floor Rhoades, as well. I looked back at some old posts of yours and had to LOL about so many of the same complaints we have!! (my husband, Glenn, has AML) So I just wanted to say hello- and if you get this message today- (Sat, the 15th) I am staying here overnight and can run down to the cafeteria or get you something if you need. (We live an hour away- but I will be here for the next 24 hours) You can read more about us at
    where I blog about Glenn’s illness and our family- it used to be my business website- but for now I am taking a break from working. Your dog is so cute- and your photographs are great. HOPE your transplant goes well- sending some prayers your way. I will be in and out until Glenn is discharged this week- PLEASE email me and let me know if I can drop you by some comforts of any kind!! Oh- and we can commiserate about the ******* network problems here on the floor. LOL

    We are in room 7***

    Amy and Glenn Gleason

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