Transplant dates set

After months of set backs and other various delays, we’ve finally set the dates for the bone marrow transplant. I return to the hospital on 14 September and begin two days of chemotherapy after that, then three days of radiation. On 20 September, I receive the transplant cells, and the count-down begins: 20 September will be Day 0. We expect the first 30 days I’ll be in hospital, and then another 70 at home. Then day 100 – that’s the magic day when I can start to resume a some-what normal life without isolation precautions. Day 100 happens to work out to be December 30th — so I’m looking forward to celebrating quite a bit come New Year’s.


4 Responses

  1. So do I come home on day 100? Huh daddy, huh?

  2. Actually, voodoo, Daddy learned you can come visit at any time once I’m home. And as soon as daddy is strong enough to take care of you again, it’ll be reunion time … I’m hoping that will be before the end of the year.

  3. tons of admiration for your strong spirit … my thoughts are with you daily… drop a line when you are up to it…


  4. You are in my thoughts and I know your strength will bring you through……xoxoxoxoxo

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