Post-Brithday Birthday Celebration

Neil, Deb, David and Me

Originally uploaded by sdpalmer.

Because I spent my birthday in surgery an in recovery, we rescheduled a post-birthday birthday celebration yesterday. Champagne, and some of my favorite delicacies from Russ and Daughters: caviar cream cheese, whitefish salad, smoked salmon. Mom made tuna and egg salad, and we had crudité and a new find from Trader Joe’s: Italian Blood Orange soda. And while we were stocked with proseco, we downed he champagne Deb and Neil brought. Thank you, everyone! Full picture set at Flickr.


6 Responses

  1. Dear Seth,
    Post…Pre…On the day….It is just wonderful to celebrate with you….everyday….
    My first comment for “public” viewing….but I am celebrating with you from afar with a bagel!
    Happy Days!!

  2. Does this mean we can reverse our ages ?!?! I think you might have found the key to the fountain of youth – re-celebrate our birthdays 🙂 Hope you’re doing well and keep smiling – you look great! -Bri

  3. Never has the phrase “better late than never” rung so true…nice to put a face on Neil, Deb and David and see Mom smiling!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
    No worries about getting back to me, I know you are swamped, as long as you keep us posted here and I have “daily” updates, I can wait til you have time to call (and of course, you are always welcome too…I miss our very late night check in’s 😉 … All is well here, and here’s something to put the “cherry” atop your Bday cake…Zachary turned 21 (yes–twenty-one) yesterday…I am perfecting my, I was an unwed Jr. High Mother story… (he is in San Diego looking for a place as he is attending UCSD …and, even better, he made their prestigious soccer team!!! So starting Sept 4th…I am officially a soccer mom again…!!!
    Much Love

  4. Seth,

    What a pleasure to see you looking so well and clearly enjoying yourself!

    Very, very, very happy (post) birthday wishes!


  5. Happy birthday (little late) from us as well
    — tene & bernd

  6. Hi Seth,
    Belated happy birthday and you look marvelous.
    love Kathy

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