I know it’s been a while since I wrote on the blog last – and there have been plenty of pleas, phone calls, and emails imploring me to write. It’s been a week and a couple of days since I came home and there have been lots of adjustment issues, home appointments with nurses and therapists – but more on that later. Here’s the latest update:

Today I had a pulmonary test in advance of the bone marrow transplant – it’s a standard set of tests to see if I’m still breathing 🙂 … seriously, it’s a suite of tests designed to measure my lung capacity, my intake and output flow volumes, etc.. Easy tests mostly – only one of them required me to practically hyperventilate which made me dizzy, but otherwise, it was easy and painless. I learned an interesting fact today: my lung capacity is 5.08 liters which is 102% of anticipated capacity of a person my age, height and weight. This is interesting since I smoked for about 20 years and only just recently stopped when I was first admitted to the hospital six months ago, back in February.

And on the topic of excess … yesterday morning, the fire alarm went off at 7am. Mom and I piled out of the apartment in a quasi state of waking. A neighbor was leaving his apartment with his kids ahead of us. The kids looked so dazed. Well … walking with a cane now, I can tell you that living on the eighth floor of a building where each floor has 18-foot high ceilings, walking downstairs is quite the hike. Just after the fifth floor, the neighbor who was ahead of us, came running back up from the ground floor to let us know that it was a false alarm.

As a NY’er, I am always surprised by the kindness of strangers to other strangers when outside of NYC. I don’t know entirely how to express my thanks to him but I’ll put a note under his door to say thanks at least. I don’t even know his name 😦

Well, with all of that excitement, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the nurse I’ve seen twice this week, the occupational therapist that came to visit, the physical therapist that came to torture me, the wound care nurse who helped to change my bandages and change my ostomy bag. Then tomorrow, I have the social worker, next week, another round with OT and PT, and a mugga scan for my heart (another set of tests in advance of the transplant).

On top of all that, I’ve been walking outside. It’s difficult walking on the concrete versus the soft floors I’ve become accustomed to indoors. But the other day, I got a whole 2.5 blocks! It’s quite a hike since my longest distance prior to that was just 500 feet. Two and half blocks – I’m thinking it’s closer to 1,000 feet or more, but my mom, who accompanied me on the journey, thinks it wasn’t quite that far. Well – isn’t it just natural that we would have different opinions? 🙂

I promise to write more regularly. In the mean time, I’m going to sign off for now.

Strength and love to all!


5 Responses

  1. YAY! Every paragraph bursting w/good news. Your spirit and hard work and that of ALL those on your team is paying off. I’m thrilled for you, Seth. Keep up the great work… Looking forward to the next positive installment.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. Give yourself all the time you need, dude. If anything, you’re pushing yourself hard enough. Always happy to hear from you, and always a bit worried when it’s quiet for a while. But it sounds like things are improving every day, and that’s all that matters.

  3. hi! I’m glad you’re home.

  4. Addendum: I just ordered a pedometer to accurately gauge my distance. I also finally bought a scale. Also included in the same purchase was medical supplies, but that will be the topic of a future posting.

  5. a mugga scan? What? Are they borrowing Harry Potter terms now (sort of)?

    I’m happy to hear of “normal” life events, like fire alarms, sweetie. I know where you’re going with ostomy, however. It’s okay, you’ll prevail. 🙂


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