Continuing a family tradition …

Alan and Sheera

Originally uploaded by sdpalmer.

So today in physical therapy I was fitted for a cane, continuing the family tradition from my grandfather to my sister-in-law Sheera. I walk very steadily with it and it’s a great help going up and down stairs. Eerily, my cane looks very much like my grandfather’s did: dark wood, very smooth, simple shape. Anyway, I’m actually enjoying it and have another green pass to allow me to walk freely with it. (Yeah! 🙂 )

More later …


One Response

  1. THANK YOU for posting these photos…they are a beautiful couple and I look forward to meeting Sheera and seeing Alan again …and you and mom, of course, very soon….EXCITING NEWS about going home and I love the thought of the “spirit” of our ancestors – as embodied by the cane – literally and spiritually –supporting you as you go through your healing process….Mazel Tov and Keep on Trucking!!!
    With continued love and ADMIRATION

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