100 feet, 500 feet, Green card … DISCHARGE!

Reached quite a milestone today in physical therapy (PT): I walked 500 feet with the walker and earned my green card which allows me to walk on the ward with a walker short distances. It’s huge and a coveted prize here.

100 Feet? Today, I walked 100 feet in the PT gym without the walker. Mom was teary-eyed. And it felt great. I had to take some rests along the way, but was still able to do it. I also walked up and down the stairs in the gym a few times. Again, a very difficult task, but one that was accomplished.

The doctor and the therapists discussed my discharge over the weekend and thought that this coming Saturday would be the day. YIPEE! Now, there’s talk of discharging me earlier – possibly Wednesday. That seems a little early to me, but I’d be happy to go home any day between Wednesday and Saturday 🙂

That’s all for now. Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes and emails. I’ll write more again soon.

Strength and love,

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8 Responses

  1. Well done Daddy! See I am the great motivator (as well as excellent medicine) – very soon you’ll be able to walk me, I just know it! Looking forward to visiting you at HOME!

  2. Seth I am not surprised at your great success, we Goldings make up our minds to accommplish something , stick to it at win. so proud of you. keep up the good work. love Aunt Barbara

  3. keep it up – remember its been quite a while since we’ve hit the dance floors – 🙂 hugs and love – and tons of strength …

  4. Seth,

    “Going green” has a whole new meaning! You continue to amaze and inspire all of us with your strength and determination! Home soon–what sweet words! Reading your blog and hearing this news just makes my day! Thank you for sharing your green card triumph.



  5. Go! Go! Go! . . .and congrats!


  6. Woohoo! I can’t even imagine how exhilarating it must be to contemplate getting home and easing back into (relative) normalcy.

  7. Home! Home! Home! How wonderful that word must sound, and feel.

    Wow – you are now not only the best, funniest, smartest PM I’ve ever worked with, you’re the strongest, too. The T-dot team gives you a big shout-out!

    I, too, am convinced that Voodoo’s sweet ministrations to you helped. 🙂


  8. I am so happy for you that you are getting stronger everyday. I’m just reminding you that you are thought of often and cant wait for the day to see you in person. Love to you and your family. If you need anything you know to ask. Love Andrea

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