First day: so what was it like?

9:45 this morning – occupational therapy. OT works with patients to handle the tasks of living – dressing, washing, cooking, cleaning, etc.. First thing today was the OT therapist did intake which took a while. Then we practiced some dressing. Some I can do – I can put on my own pants and sox. I demonstrated. Then she had me put on a gown à la putting on a shirt and then she gave me a small panel with fabric and buttons and I had to button up the material like a shirt. No problem.

11am and 90 minutes of PT began. First, walking with the walker. I walked further today than ever before. And it was smoother and easier. Guess walking in the hall paid off. Then some strength testing on a bed. After that, wheelchair training. I’m not big on the idea of using a wheelchair, but it will allow me to be mobile on the ward and I can get to the recreation room where the piano is! 🙂

I lasted about 60 minutes. My blood pressure was kinda high and I was feeling winded, but thought I did well for my first day.

Middle of the afternoon, back to OT and I finally got to shave! I had this ugly growth and some of the hairs were hanging over and touching my lip and I was constantly uncomfortable. Shaving was hard! I hadn’t used my hands in that way in a long time and coordination was difficult. Not to mention that the sink was very high and the mirror was a reach to see in, but I got through it and now have a clean, smooth face.

Anyway, it was a good day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Will write more updates as possible.

Strength and Love,

PS: Voodoo can come and visit. I’m waiting on hearing back from the social worker on process and documentation needed. I’m so excited — must call Voodoo’s “mother” tonight to coordinate.


6 Responses

  1. Such good news! Doing those daily tasks is a great step toward returning to “normalcy” and independence. Your strong will and deep faith will continue to push and guide you. And ah, the piano… how wonderful that you will not only be able to play for you, but use your talents to brighten the days of others in earshot. Go to it!

    Wishing you a fun filled reunion w/Voodoo – YAY!
    To your health,

  2. Glad to hear about your excellent progress! I expect that you will be doing wheelies in the wheelchair any day now, but try to keep to a manageable speed (trust me, braking in those things is harder than it looks!) and don’t mow down any less mobile patients!


  3. I’M COMING DADDY!!!! Tell me what I need to do – and I’ll make sure Lenna does it!!! (this weekend could work, I hear I’m going to camp the next weekend, but the following one is open – I’m a very social girl you know!)

  4. I love you.

  5. You sound stronger with each entry. Glad you got rid of the upper lip fu-man-chew (sp?) thing. Yuck!!! Keep up the great work.

    Thinking of you….love to mom.

    Elisa, Rachel and Megan.

  6. So glad to get updates on blog from you. Mom did a great job, but hearing from you directly really reinforces fact you’re healing. Stay strong (sounds like you’ll need it for that PT). We’re all pulling for you. Much Love, Ronnie

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