“Your bed at Ravdin (physical therapy ward) will be ready at 6:38,” that’s what my nurse on Rhoads said yesterday afternoon. How weird, we thought, that they could be so precise – but it gave us a glimmer of hope that we wouldn’t have to do a transfer late at night.

Turns out, my room number is 638. The room was already ready and all I needed was patient transport to bring me downstairs.

So … good morning from the physical therapy ward, Ravdin 6! I’m doing well and am up early, as nearly everyone else here, and am starting to get back to a real person’s schedule of washing up, getting dressed, having breakfast and being ready by 9 to start therapy.

There’s also the possibility for a very special visitor to come to me here: Voodoo! Can you believe it? The social worker told me that yesterday, but I have to check on the ward today and find out for sure.

I have three hours of therapy every day. I’m sure it’ll be exhausting and I’ll try to provide details on what it’s like later today. In the mean time,

Strength and love,


6 Responses

  1. Seth
    I am sorry I was traveling for a month with work and to see the family and little access to a computer.
    I was sorry to hear of your recent surgeries but I am pleased to hear of your ongoing strength to recover. You are an inspiration to everyone.
    I send you my fondest love and my thoughts and wishes of strength are with you at all times.
    Love Irene

  2. Dear Seth,
    Finally, you seem to be back on the path to recovery and being yourself. You have been through an impossible ordeal the past 7 weeks and the frustration of it all comes through in the postings of your mother and yourself. But God is watching and you are on the way to recovery.
    Stay strong. Though I do not write all the time, you know that my thoughts are with you often. Take care,

  3. Hi Seth – so glad to hear you’re moving, step by step, toward normalcy again. In addition to training your body, I hope the PT builds your confidence – you know, “if I can do this I can do anything” type stuff. As always, hoping you go from strength to strength.

  4. (*.*)
    /_ \_ Cheers for every step forward!
    Aunt BJ & Uncle Lenny

  5. Hi Seth, The above comment did not display right, so please remove! You know we are really encouraged by this step forward! Keep it up!
    xo, ABJ

  6. Hi Seth- I was just looking you up and I am shocked. I hope that the hardest is behind you and that you are doing well.

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