40 feet

40 feet may not seem like a long distance but when you haven’t walked in 5 weeks and your legs go from strong muscular thighs to chicken twigs, 40 feet is a long way to go. But that’s how far I walked today with physical therapy. It was very strenuous, but I was determined. I’m a little dizzy from it and slightly nauseous, but it’s all going away quickly. My blood pressure was virtually the same from start to finish which is a good indication.

I’m hoping to get onto the physical therapy ward soon so I can continue my strength building and get back to normal(?).

In the mean time, I’m still on the oncology floor in a comfortable room with a great view (pictures soon I hope).

So that’s all for now.

Strength and love,

(40 feet = 12 meters) 🙂


12 Responses

  1. WOOHOO Daddy – you are well on your way to being able to walk me again! I don’t go THAT much farther than 40 feet (ok yes I do)!

    Love you!!!!!!

  2. Great to hear about the progress. Forty feet today, fifty feet tomorrow . . . next thing you know it will be Woodbury Common, with coffee! (Mmmmm, outlet shopping!!!!)

    Keep it up and you will be able to get outside for some summer! Like Lenna says, Voodoo misses daddy!


  3. Voodoo im sure is awaiting a walk with you so keep your eye on that… one-day at a time

  4. Hey Seth – good to “hear” your “voice” again! Those 12 meters will soon extend to 15, then 20, then 100, and before you know it you’ll be timing laps around the floor again. If you’re tired after an exertion, it only means you’re getting stronger.

    Can’t wait to see you, and soon. And keep writing in the blog.

  5. so happy to hear your voice again although kudos to your mom for what a great job she did under such adversity. Glad to know that you are out of bed and on the move. Everyday you will feel better.

    Get well and stay strong,

  6. One step at a time, one foot at a time… each day brings more strength and stamina. Your amazing will and spirit will contiinue to guide you. Once you move to PT and OT, you’ll be exhausted – ah, but what a wonderful exhaustion.
    Great to hear of your progress. Glad you’re back online and giving your very special mother a breather. Make sure she gets some KAREN time!
    To your health,

  7. Congrats! 40 Feet is quite a long way actually after that time…given all the surgery you have, I’m shocked that you are able to go that far…perhaps your “strong muscular thighs” have not whithered quite so much…

  8. i’ll add my “woot woot!” to everyone above.

    and we just had a little celebration in the kitchen, just being glad for you – dogs were bounding, Harald was doing some bizarre Euro version of the wave, and I was grinning. 🙂

    yay on you!

  9. Seth hurry up and get your strenth back so you can read all your email. when tjust keep fighting Love Aunt Barbarahis is done I am saving a lot of emails to cheer you up..I will than send.

  10. Seth hurry up and get your strength back so that you can read all your email.
    my inbox is filling up and I can not delete because I;m saving to cheer you up

  11. one small step now…one huge shopping trip later…lol…your determination and will are to be applauded …no make that a standing O…ovation…
    much love

  12. Well about time, Ted has this great routine worked out to Disco Inferno ( a la ‘Solid Gold’ dancer ) and there is this part where he has suggested you kick split at the end ‘burn baby burn…’ Rehearsals start in a week. And don’t bring and out fit… we have one for you.



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