Good Morning

It’s been several long weeks, but I am finally “back on the air” so to speak with the blog. Many many thanks to mom and the rest of the family for keeping everyone updated on what was happening. And many thanks to all of you who kept up, sent comments, etc..

In a strange way, all that love, all of the positive feelings came through. And while I do not remember much of what happened with all of the surgeries and all of the incidents that befell me, I do feel the love the strength of my family and friends that helped get me through it all.

It’s a very strange feeling not to have any recollection of what happened, but just the good happy loving vibes of my cadre. And I think I prefer it that way.

Recovery now is going slowly. I am very weak and need to get back into shape — after all, after being mostly laying in bed for the past 4 weeks, what do you expect? I lost a lot of weight and a lot of body strength, but it is starting to come back.

Recently, I started working with physical therapy here at the hospital, and the goal is that when my medical condition stabilizes – hopefully within the next week or so – that I will be transferred to the rehab unit where I go through 3 hours of training a day to get back my strength and dexterity. So it’s not just strength training it’s also about being able to wash and take care of myself, cooking, etc.. The program seems pretty complete. (I just can’t wait to cut my nails again which are getting in the way of typing! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Visitors: family has been here constantly. That’s been great. Of course, being in hospital as long as I have, I’ve lost a lot of sense of dignity and such ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’m not quite up for visitors yet and I am also simply too weak to have others around at the moment. But we’re going to try slowly and see what happens. Today, Deb and Neil are in town so they’re stopping by and I think I’ll need to judge visitation based on where I am medically and physically so please don’t be offended if I say – not just yet, please.

I am trying to answer emails as best as I can. But since I checked last – June 13 – I’ve received thousands of new email so please bear with me as I get through everything. Phone calls are out, please. Talking on the phone, for some reason, makes me very weak. I can talk for short periods but not much. As I recover more strength, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out by phone more.

So for now, I’m going to sign off. Plenty to do this morning from a medical perspective and I want to get started to it’s not on my plate the whole day. Talk to everyone soon and again, thank you for everything during this difficult period.

Strength and Love,


13 Responses

  1. Seth,

    How wonderful to hear your voice again! Your Mom did a great job of keeping us all informed, which was especially hard for her, I am sure, on top of taking care of you! You are truly lucky to have had such devoted family members around you for the past month.

    Speaking of the past month–my advice is to take the blurry memories as a blessing. When your mind strays back to the extreme difficulties and fears of those weeks, focus on the love and good wishes which surrounded you.

    So as you go through the steps to regain your strength, are you in need of any light reading, movies, etc? Let me know if you are ready for a “goody package.”

    Again, so glad to hear your voice and to know you are feeling better!



  2. It feels so good to have you back Seth.
    We have been waiting for ever bit of news every single day and we are very happy for the progress.
    All th best for now,
    Tene & Bernd

  3. Welcome back to cyberspace…and while your body may not be strong – your spirit and voice still is…maybe not remembering much is a way for the body to heal with good thoughts and release the “bad” ones…so it’s got to be a blessing to be able to focus on the positive ones…”mom” did an amazing job of keeping us informed in light of her more important calling to support you through your challenges…

    It appears you have a good plan for recovery and you are not going to over do it or be impatient with the road ahead…BRAVO

    We love you and miss you and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon…
    much love
    Marla Zach and Josh

  4. welcome back, darling. We’ve missed you, and are so happy to hear your voice again.

    This is the most important project of your life, to regain strength…there’s no deadline, no budget, and you have all the resources you need. We’re behind you 100% (and then some!). You set the pace, and only you know when you feel up to answering emails, or talking on the phone, or having visitors. Just remember, that the prayers and good vibes continue, always.

    Much much love,
    andrea, harald, trudy and nina

  5. Seth —

    Dave and I are so glad to hear about your good progress. We still are sending you “good vibrations” (which makes me want to start singing) that we hope will keep your spirits up and your recovery moving along. We are looking forward to hearing about your progress as you go forward! Hopefully, the rehab floor will turn you into a gourmet chef!


  6. Glad you are back at the keyboard, it was great hearing from you directly although Mom did a wonderful job of keeping us up-to-date.
    We are looking forward to visiting you when you are ready.
    Till then we are keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

  7. It’s great to hear to the good news.

    Kick those bugs in the ass, ok!?


  8. Seth!

    So good to see that you are back online! Keep your pecker (British for chin) up as mom always said!

    Lots of love!

  9. great to hear you up and on the blogg yourself…. chin up and a positive outlook – look forward to you being back on your feet and seeing you soon!

  10. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Keep us updated seth! we are reading and pulling for you!


  11. It is great to see your voice again, Seth!! Welcome back! We continue to send out energy and prayers from West Hartford for strength regained, absence of bumps and the numbers you need to get you the hell out of this wonderful hospital!

    All out love –

    Aunt B-J and Uncle Lenny



  13. Hip Hip Hooray!!! There you are and so glad to hear you. Take your time and it will come. You will be back on your feet in no time and home soon to follow.

    We have all the faith in you. Talk to you soon!!!

    Much love,

    Elisa, Rachel and Megan

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