Day by Day

This past week’s bump is over.  Hopefully going forward, Seth will have a much smoother ride.  It seems to me that he is really beginning to regain his strength bit by bit each day.  He is able to have real food and so last night we had a pizza party in his room for dinner.  Not quite a gourmet meal by any means but certainly far better than the hospital food.  It was fun for us to have dinner together! There was some true brotherly banter and laughter. How good it was to hear that!

Seth has asked me about the blog and what I have been writing for him for the past several weeks.  I explained that I have tried to keep people up to date and informed as best that I can.  I get the feeling that he will soon want to read what I have done as well as  to read all the comments and messages of support and love, all of you have shared, and get back to writing the blog himself.   That would be wonderful.

I too, continue to gain strength and support from all of you.  Thank you.



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  1. Thanks again for the update. You’ve done a great job, and I can only imagine it’s been hard to put fingers to keyboard at times.

    When everyone is rested and recovered, perhaps we should all meet at a place where they serve good food, either in Philly or New York, and meet each other.

  2. so glad improvement is continuing. Pizza party sounds fun. Sorry we all couldn’t be there, but we are in spirit. Re blog, I know it will be a good thing for Seth to take over, but just know you’ve done a great job. It’s wonderful to get the up-dates we all are loking for without felling we are bothering or interrupting all of you.

  3. Ahhhh….to have a slice of real pizza….that alone sounds like perfection…I am sure you have conveyed to Seth how much we have been praying and loving him and you all and it is so wonderful to hear that he is coming back to himself and getting stronger…I also hope you are taking good care of yourself, Karen, as you need to recoup some of the herculian strength you have been outputting unceasingly for the past months….
    As always, hugs and love to Alan and Sheera (I look forward to meeting my new cousin sooner than later) and you and Seth….

  4. Seth: your mom has been so awesome and wonderful and strong, keeping all of us buoyed up and informed, even though as Leif mentioned above, it must have been very difficult at times. She is an exceptional woman, but I’m sure you know that. 🙂 I hope, in a little way, that she is able to feel supported by all of us out in the ether…we’re praying for you, and her, too.

    Karen: I feel so lucky to have met you that day in Seth’s room on Rhoads 7 – he has always spoken so well and warmly of you. Take care of yourself, too – I just want to give you a big hug!

    cheers and blessings,

  5. Glad to hear that a pizza party was held albeit in the hospital. Based on that face, pizza will be had this evening and the power of love will be going out to you all!
    To all reading this, lets make this weekend a “Have a slice for Seth” celebration.
    Love ya!
    Alan, Lindsay & Debi

  6. Oops–typo-that should have read…..”based on that fact…..

  7. you get high marks for the blog we will give letters of recommendation to seth

    as for pizza it does not get enough attention as a healing food after suffering the effects of hospital food for a prolonged period
    you will find that mushrooms pepperoni and anchiovies are particularly restorative however grandma’s pizza comes with magic herbs

    thanks for the updates they are appreciated
    best rebards to all

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