Good News

After several weeks of stress and worry, it is with great joy to bring you good news.  Seth had the bone marrow biopsy done this week and the results are in!  SETH IS IN REMISSION!  I can’t begin to express Seth’s emotional response to this good news as I am having difficulty finding the words to share my feelings as well.  This means that as Seth heals from the medical complications and goes through rehab to regain his strength to get out of the hospital, he will look forward to continuing on the journey to have his transplant and becoming a cancer survivor. I am not minimizing the long road ahead but it sure it wonderful to be on the road.
To all of you who have supported us with love and prayers and responses on the blog, our heartfelt thanks.  Your positive energy has been so valuable to all of us.

With love and gratitude,



21 Responses

  1. That’s awesome news, and a huge relief. Please keep us/me informed. Thanks for doing so this far.

  2. Wow! That’s great. Mozeltov!


  4. This is great news, we look forward to the good news continuing.

  5. Way to go Seth!

  6. That is such fantastic news! Congratulations, Seth!

  7. Sending many cyberhugs and continuing to channel positive thoughts and prayers for strength and love!
    Aunt BJ & Uncle Lenny



  9. Hugs, kisses and love.
    Next year in Paris.
    Aunt Maxine and Milton

  10. no words to describe the impact of such news… keep on fighting and getting stronger every day — much love

  11. Absolutely delighted to read about your great news! We pray that each day will be marked by steady progress on the road to recovery.
    Shari & Benet

  12. Karen
    This is wonderful news. Convey our best wishes to Seth for continuing recovery.
    Call if and when you have a moment.

  13. YAY for DADDY!!!!! We are thrilled and can’t wait to give doggie licks and kisses!

  14. that is great! I know there is more work to be done but it is so wonderful that you are on the road to recovery.

    I hope every day finds you stronger.


  15. RE! MISS! ION! WOO HOO! Oh, wow, I am so so so so happy to hear that…what fantastic news! All goodness, from now on…regaining strength, and coming back to all of us, who love you so much.

    wow. what a fighter.

  16. WAY TO GO! All the power and strength from your friends, family, and most importantly yourself have once again shown that we can do it together.

  17. Wonderful news. All our prayers worked. Marla and Elisa and I send our hugs and kisses

  18. Yes! Happy dance in progress! Could not have asked for better news on a Monday morning!


  19. Way to kill that Queen Bee, Babe!!! I knew you could do it!!! Words just cannot express the joy we all feel…looking forward to your re-debut on the blog!

    Many kisses, tight hugs and big smiles.

    Elisa, Rachel and Megan

  20. I am crying from my overwhelming sense of joy for you Seth, Karen, Alan, Sheera and the amazing medical team over this news…prayer, the power of love, positive thinking all work as we can see… not to mention an unabiding, unselfish, committed mother’s love and a spectacular medical facility dedicated to healing and helping and supporting a patient…and of course to you Seth, your will to live, in spite of setbacks, discomfort, and fear, has been a testament to all of us…I love you so much and can’t wait to see you up and around!!!! Cocktails on me!!!! I celebrated the good news with Zachary and Josh last night and they too send their love!!!!
    Marla, Zach and Josh

  21. YAY!!! Way to go, Seth!! Lots of strength to you! Here is to full recovery!
    – Emin

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