Please NO CALLS Just yet

It is finally time to share some good news.  Seth is now out of ICU and in a regular room.  He is regaining his strength but it is a long and slow process.  You cannot imagine how gratified all of us are to give this positive information to you.  It is very important that we give him the time to heal.  As much as many of you would like to call him, PLEASE WAIT until we give an OK.  He is just not ready to speak on the phone as that requires more energy that he has right now.

All of us are grateful for your love and prayers.  We truly believe that the collective power from all your positive energy has been a contributing factor to seeing Seth finally on the road to recovery.



8 Responses

  1. I won’t call, I promise you that, Karen (Seth and I have always been about the IM anyway :-))…but I certainly won’t stop praying and thinking my most positive-est thoughts! Trust me, there’s a somewhat motley group of us up here in Toronto (the dogs can tell when there’s good news) who are wishing strength for Seth. And sending you our best wishes as well…you’ve been dealing with something a mom should never have to. I am in awe.

    hugs, strength and love,

  2. YIPPEE!!!!! We are so very thrilled to read this update – thank you!!! All our love and prayers continue to be with you guys!

  3. Karen,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! I can’t tell you how glad I was to scan the first line and spot the word “good!”

    We really appreciate your taking the time and energy to update the blog on top of all the other things you have been dealing with.

    In addition to the collective power of all the prayers, as others have so accurately stated, there is also the singular power of MOM in Seth’s recovery.

    Continued prayers for more positive news,


  4. The good news we have been waiting for….many prayers for continue strength. Love is a wonderful thing. Kisses to Seth and for you Karen.

    Looking forward to reading more.


    Elisa, Rachel and Megan 🙂

  5. So nice to see the upbeat tone of the mesasage. It is a fact that the collective love & prayers from the family circle, friends, etc. are sending the positive vibrations to Seth and making him (and you too Karen) stronger.
    We have not stopped for one second thinking, praying, hoping for you all.
    Love always,
    Alan & Lindsay Doloboff
    Debi Schneider

  6. So glad to hear the good news!!! I am sure that just being in a regular room will lift spirits and help recovery along.

    All our best !!!

    Bonnie and Dave

  7. thank you very much for the good news

    no calls of course

    just keep up the good work

  8. Thank you for the really good news and know we will continue to pray for Seth’s uphill and ease of recovery and for your tireless love and support which I am sure was at the core of his strength and the wind beneath his wings….

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