Working out and waiting

It’s been a while since my last update – lots has been going on.

Basically, physical therapy is my next stop. There is a facility right here in the hospital and that’s where I’ll be going. In the mean time, I’ve been working with a therapist up here on my floor nearly every day. We walk, do exercises and practice general moves to make me more self-sufficient.

I’ve been walking more and more every day. I’ve been doing more exercises every day. And I’ve even been out of bed sitting in the comfy chair nearly every day. Yesterday, I was in the chair for several hours – a record! This may not seem like a lot, but getting out of bed is important, even if it is only sitting in the comfy chair. It improves my circulation.

Otherwise, we’re waiting for a bed to open up on the physical therapy (PT) ward. I need a single room due to my contact precautions and there seem to be precious few of those down there. So I wait. And the wait is killing me.

I’m becoming quite depressed being here on Rhoads 7. I like the floor, don’t get me wrong. And I have a nice room and a great view. And of course I know a lot of the staff and enjoy being here, but I still spend a lot of time in bed and it’s getting me quite depressed and I just want out! It’s so hard.

In any case, the waiting is agony, but the progress with PT has been great. Thanks to everyone for your continued well wishes – it really helps!

Strength and love,


40 feet

40 feet may not seem like a long distance but when you haven’t walked in 5 weeks and your legs go from strong muscular thighs to chicken twigs, 40 feet is a long way to go. But that’s how far I walked today with physical therapy. It was very strenuous, but I was determined. I’m a little dizzy from it and slightly nauseous, but it’s all going away quickly. My blood pressure was virtually the same from start to finish which is a good indication.

I’m hoping to get onto the physical therapy ward soon so I can continue my strength building and get back to normal(?).

In the mean time, I’m still on the oncology floor in a comfortable room with a great view (pictures soon I hope).

So that’s all for now.

Strength and love,

(40 feet = 12 meters) 🙂

Good Morning

It’s been several long weeks, but I am finally “back on the air” so to speak with the blog. Many many thanks to mom and the rest of the family for keeping everyone updated on what was happening. And many thanks to all of you who kept up, sent comments, etc..

In a strange way, all that love, all of the positive feelings came through. And while I do not remember much of what happened with all of the surgeries and all of the incidents that befell me, I do feel the love the strength of my family and friends that helped get me through it all.

It’s a very strange feeling not to have any recollection of what happened, but just the good happy loving vibes of my cadre. And I think I prefer it that way.

Recovery now is going slowly. I am very weak and need to get back into shape — after all, after being mostly laying in bed for the past 4 weeks, what do you expect? I lost a lot of weight and a lot of body strength, but it is starting to come back.

Recently, I started working with physical therapy here at the hospital, and the goal is that when my medical condition stabilizes – hopefully within the next week or so – that I will be transferred to the rehab unit where I go through 3 hours of training a day to get back my strength and dexterity. So it’s not just strength training it’s also about being able to wash and take care of myself, cooking, etc.. The program seems pretty complete. (I just can’t wait to cut my nails again which are getting in the way of typing! 🙂 )

Visitors: family has been here constantly. That’s been great. Of course, being in hospital as long as I have, I’ve lost a lot of sense of dignity and such 🙂 so I’m not quite up for visitors yet and I am also simply too weak to have others around at the moment. But we’re going to try slowly and see what happens. Today, Deb and Neil are in town so they’re stopping by and I think I’ll need to judge visitation based on where I am medically and physically so please don’t be offended if I say – not just yet, please.

I am trying to answer emails as best as I can. But since I checked last – June 13 – I’ve received thousands of new email so please bear with me as I get through everything. Phone calls are out, please. Talking on the phone, for some reason, makes me very weak. I can talk for short periods but not much. As I recover more strength, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out by phone more.

So for now, I’m going to sign off. Plenty to do this morning from a medical perspective and I want to get started to it’s not on my plate the whole day. Talk to everyone soon and again, thank you for everything during this difficult period.

Strength and Love,

Day by Day

This past week’s bump is over.  Hopefully going forward, Seth will have a much smoother ride.  It seems to me that he is really beginning to regain his strength bit by bit each day.  He is able to have real food and so last night we had a pizza party in his room for dinner.  Not quite a gourmet meal by any means but certainly far better than the hospital food.  It was fun for us to have dinner together! There was some true brotherly banter and laughter. How good it was to hear that!

Seth has asked me about the blog and what I have been writing for him for the past several weeks.  I explained that I have tried to keep people up to date and informed as best that I can.  I get the feeling that he will soon want to read what I have done as well as  to read all the comments and messages of support and love, all of you have shared, and get back to writing the blog himself.   That would be wonderful.

I too, continue to gain strength and support from all of you.  Thank you.


A Little Bump

Seth is doing fine..He had us all up for a bit of a scare Saturday evening with a problem with  his stomach that has since been taken care of.   He is feeling OK and was complaining that he was being denied food yet again.  Needless to say this is a good sign.  Who ever said the road was smooth just does not get it.  He is looking forward to taking back the blog as soon as he is able.  I too am looking forward to reading the blog and not writing it.

All of your words make us feel so special and loved.

Thank you.


Good News

After several weeks of stress and worry, it is with great joy to bring you good news.  Seth had the bone marrow biopsy done this week and the results are in!  SETH IS IN REMISSION!  I can’t begin to express Seth’s emotional response to this good news as I am having difficulty finding the words to share my feelings as well.  This means that as Seth heals from the medical complications and goes through rehab to regain his strength to get out of the hospital, he will look forward to continuing on the journey to have his transplant and becoming a cancer survivor. I am not minimizing the long road ahead but it sure it wonderful to be on the road.
To all of you who have supported us with love and prayers and responses on the blog, our heartfelt thanks.  Your positive energy has been so valuable to all of us.

With love and gratitude,


Going Forward

Just to let you know that Seth is making good progress.  During the past month, what should have been a chemotherapy session and recovery turned into a series of serious medical issues, that Seth will update you on when he resumes control of the blog. He is on the road to recovery.  Seth is beginning to eat “real” food, if that is what one can call hospital food.  He has already deemed it totally disgusting and you know what, he is right.  Alan and Sheera brought him some mac and cheese at lunch and flavored waters. He really did enjoy that.  Oh yes, and we did not need to nuke the daylights out of it as he is no longer neutropenic.   His ANC counts are well within the normal range.  He is starting physical therapy so that he can regain his strength and mobility.  Just imagine how you would feel after being in bed for a month.  His stubborn streak will surely come in handy as he takes on the therapists.

All of us are so grateful for your continued support.  We know that Seth will enjoy reading all your comments.