Still on the Roller Coaster

After the first few big dips, we finally seem to be crawling up the other side of the roller coaster.  Unfortunately we cannot see around the next bend.  Seth is comfortable after having his breathing tube removed and is breathing easier than when it was in.  There are still other complications that are being actively addressed.  Seth was awake for a good period of time today and was able to recognize family and respond to voices and faces. He become very agitated when his MAC was threatened by his brother’s PC.  It was great to see that interaction.  Brothers will be brothers.  I can only imagine what the two of them will be up to in the coming days.

Filled with hope and prayers



14 Responses

  1. Thank you for the update and I have the entire Los Angeles area holding you all in prayer and light. I am sending my love and hugs and strength as you make it up the coaster – Seth is a fighter – and with the love and support of you all – mom, bro and sis et al…he will make it…also remind him the iPhone is coming out Friday…and keep those PC’s at bay…more hugs to Alan and Sheera and you Karen…
    much love…

  2. As Seth knows…the Mac will prevail! Trudging along, and gathering up more and more support as he goes…

    Brothers being brothers is a wonderful sign.


  3. MACS Rule! Rollercoasters should be in theme parks, not hospitals, but super happy to hear you are on the ride!

    As for Safari… installed Beta 3 myself and it doesn’t seem much different AND is buggy. Seems like it’s more about the Windows release than the Mac release. So… stick with firefox?

    Feel better and can’t wait to see you again!


  4. Seth, we miss and love you and want you to come and play – when you feel better.

    Karen, you rock!!!

  5. Dear Seth,

    All my thoughts & prayers are with you. I am glad (but not surprised) that you are surrounded by so many people who love you & wish you well. Add me to the list.
    I hope the roller coaster ride turns into a ferris wheel – a nice gentle ride from which you can see for miles ahead.


  6. Thank you!!! I have been on shpilkes (sp?) this week being so far away – this update was a huge relief.

    I continue to pray for all of you!

  7. I have been calling/texting and I am sure you are so backed up w messages that you are not getting anything. I am thinking about you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and I miss you terribly. All my love, strenght and prayers – Ang

  8. I know I should have checked in earlier and more often. My hopes and prayers are with you and for a full and speedy recovery, with as little drama as possible.

  9. … and thanks to Mom for keeping us all informed.

  10. Seth,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am anxiously awaiting my tissue typing results.
    Noabeth–fireside in DC.

  11. I am so glad to hear that Seth is doing better. My continued love, support, and positive energy are with you on this up and down roller coaster.
    Love always,

  12. Bristling with strength and goodwill for you Seth

    ox ox

    Ted and Steve

  13. Does anyone know how Seth is doing?

    Little concerned since the blog has not been updated in 4 days or so…

    Hope he is doing much better.

  14. G’day Seth,
    Just been reading through your blog after seeing it on Rob’s site. Wishing you all the strength through this tough time – keep smiling and stay positive. Take care, Matt Sinclair

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