Day 6 Following Surgery

I know the title is getting a bit stale but it is the easiest way for me to try to keep track.  Seth is settling in to his room and beginning to feel more comfortable in his surroundings. The staff at the hospital have been amazing.  They are really special.  Seth is still feeling the after affects of the anesthesia and pain meds that he needed but each day he is making good progress.

As you know, your prayers and good wishes truly make the difference.  We appreciate all your good thoughts.



6 Responses

  1. We (Voodoo and I) are so very glad to hear of the continued progress! And thank you so much Grandma for keeping everyone informed! You’ve really taken to this medium – we are very impressed!

    Voodoo (and her typist Lenna)

  2. i sure wish mom would change the title of the blog once in a while… she really isnt pulling her weight around here… lol

    don’t you worry bout a thing!

  3. We are thinking about you, Seth!!


    Lynda, Kenny, Jake and Max

  4. Karen-What fabulous news! We love to hear progress. . .we hope to read more posts like this one.

    Keeping up our prayers and healing thoughts!


    Amy, David and Jay

  5. We are thinking about you every day and sending all our strength, love, and laughter to you! Love! Love! Love!

  6. Hey Seth, everyone at Ziddio is thinking about you. Hope to get a tweet from you soon!


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