Day 3 Following Surgery

Seth is still in ICU but is showing good signs of physical improvement.  Some tubes were removed today and they even got him to sit up in the chair for a short period of time. Post-surgery in ICU tends to be a very confusing time as day and night have no meaning, meds are bountiful and interruptions of all the staff continuous.  The doctors reassured us that once in a regular room this will quickly dissapate.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and kind words.  They are so helpful to all.



5 Responses

  1. Glad to hear Seth is making slow but steady improvements…sending much love and many prayers to you all…
    thanks for keeping us updated

  2. Karen–Again, many thanks for posting every day and keeping us up to date. We look forward to hearing more progress. We pray that this surgery will just be a stumbling block on the road to recovery. I am sure once Seth is out of the ICU he will feel more like himself.

    Please send Seth our love and thoughts.

    Take care of yourself too–the caregiver/advocate/personal assistant/Mom needs to rest and love also!


    Amy, David and Jay

  3. Seth

    Hope you are getting stronger each day. My thoughts and love are with you. I have received back my tissue typing results and would like to get them to you if that is helpful at all, please let me know how.


  4. Lindsay & I are sending our strength, hope & prayers to Seth.

  5. Stay strong and believe that the Queen Bee will be defeated!!!. We love you and glad to hear you that everyday is better.

    Take care and will call you when you get back into your room. I’ll make sure it is in the morning when the sun is shining in your room.

    Love to you and Mom. Kisses.

    Elisa, Rachel and Megan

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