Day 2 Following surgery

The day started off quite well.  He insisted on having in Blackberry brought to him.  (Of course you know that happened). Seth was far more alert and asking lots of questions.  The surgeons came in to check on their work and were pleased with Seth’s progress.  He literally was at them with lots of questions and they were so honest and forthright with their responses.  I think it really made Seth feel so much better to be part of the discussion. All of his blood work was being very carefully monitored and it was discovered that there was a bacteria infection that needed to be checked out.  The strain of bacteria was resistant to the antibiotics that he was on.  There was  concern that the Hickman line was problematic and after careful consultation with surgery, oncology and infectious diseases the decision was made to remove the line to make sure that no infection remained in his system.  The Hickman will be reinstalled as needed to help him along the road to recovery.  This was done late tonight and he was fine.  I saw him and he said to please go home with Aunt BJ and Uncle Lenny and get some sleep and oh yes, please bring my computer tomorrow.

Please continue the love and prayers and they are an inspiration to all



3 Responses

  1. Dearest Seth,

    stay baby stay… teddy and l are blazing like the sun in strength and love for you.

    ox ox


  2. Seth, my prayers are with you!!

    Stay strong.

    – Emin

  3. The new recovery mantra. rest, relaxation and blackberry…

    hang in there chief!

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