Post Chemo

Seth has completed latest round of chemo.  That was easy.  The post chemo complications are what is really hard.  He is on so many meds that are needed to counter the side affects that he and I find it overwhelming.  Everyone keeps reassuring us that this will get better but going through it is terrible.  I know that as soon as Seth is able to he will be on the blog himself.  That will be great! We all need to keep the faith.



3 Responses

  1. I am confident that this round of chemo will put Seth where he needs to be for the transplant and a full recovery. Keep both of your spirits up and next year at this time we all can go to Paris!


  2. Karen–Thanks for keeping us all updated.

    It must be hell on you; the waiting, the watching. And then more waiting. . .

    All things considered, it is no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed and more than a bit exhausted.

    Remember these wise words: the only way out it is through. Most unfortunately, you have to go through this hell in order to get out.

    Thinking of you and Seth and hoping tomorrow is a much better day,


    PS Watch for a “cheer up and distract” package coming to the hospital.

  3. Hello dear Karen and Hello dear Snorpie,
    I am thinking of you and so looking forward to seeing you. I wish this were easier and DO send my love and strength and more love. Schmuffie does too. And Neil does too. One day at a time. This is just after what they told you would be the worst–you are through it, you did it. It’s over, no more bags, and focus on feeling better. Love you so much,
    Mme. S.

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