Not a good day at all

Today Seth had a CAT scan of his abdominal area to find out what was causing all the problems and they found it.  They really did.  As I write this he is in emergency surgery to repair some type of damage in the intestines.  The doctors are not exactly sure what they are going to find.  It could be a variety of different issues.  All of this is most upsetting.  His oncologist agreed that the best thing to do was the surgery as the benefits outweighed the risks. Doing nothing would be a disaster.  As you know he is not a good candidate for any surgery with his counts so low but they are giving him platets and will do everything possible.  I ask for your prayers tonight and know that the power we all put in them will give Seth strength to beat this.

I wil post an update tomorrow



4 Responses

  1. We ae sorry to hear of Seth’s surgery. Our prayers are with you. If we can help in any way please let us know.

    Phoebe & Fred

  2. Seth! Happy early birthday, bud! (Thank you, Plaxo Birthday Reminders via Email). Wishing you the best of luck through this surgery and the strength to beat this!

  3. my daughter also has AML…my prayers are with you right now, Seth, as you battle this latest complication. Stay strong and keep the faith.

    Diane in Texas

  4. I m expirience something like you as my husband was diagnosticed with ALL. Im trying to learn from other people who are living the same. it is all new, unexpected and though. My best wishes for you and seth. With all my heart.

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