Treatment update

We are now in day 5 of treatment. 6 bags of high doses of Ara-C. At first, it wasn’t so bad, it seemed pretty normal. Then Saturday afternoon it just hit me hard: fatigue. Been sleeping a lot. Also been depressed about the lack of internet and phone connectivity in my room, but thankfully the Internet part is solved. Still, though, a lot of fatigue from the chemotherapy. However, I’m hoping it’s working. A lot of the nurses here are of the opinion that if anything is going to bring down the levels of Leukemia in my bones, it’s this course of treatment.

Made some new nursing friends on the floor, altough I think I was secretly harboring not to inorder to return to the comfort of those I know and came to love on Rhoads 7, but there are a few here on 6 that I’ve absolutely come to really adore already. I also met my first patient here! A guy and his fiance – in their mid-20’s. He has lymphoma which has been successfully treated and he’s supposed to be discharged today. I’m wishing him well while I’m also jealous as all get-up.

So … after investing a few hundred dollars in a Sling box so I can be cheap in the hospital and not pay $8 / day to watch their lousy TV, I watched the conclusion of the Sopranos last night and was sadly disappointed. Maybe my investment wasn’t worth it after all 😦 But there’s always the Food Network all day now 🙂

Will write more when I can – it’s basically a very uneventful stay. A little nauseau but no vomiting, a lot of fatigue but nothing dramatic. I’m walking around the hall trying to keep my exercise up, but not really my stamina. Mom’s here doing needlepoint and I’m often dreaming of moving to Paris when this is all over.

Strength and love …


5 Responses

  1. Seth – only one more day of treatment? That’s fantastic. Your strength in going through this amazes me. It makes the seemingly hard work of everyday life pale…best wishes – mike

  2. Hi Seth,
    just wanted you to know that I have been following along with you now for quite some time although haven’t been in touch any where near as many times as I have checked your site. I agree on your take of the Sopranos! Glad to see you can still keep your spirit and humor through this process. Get well and keep strong-Rose

  3. Glad to hear you are on the back end of treatment….
    OY sopranos…on the edge of my seat the whole episode … schpilkes…will AJ blow up in the car…will Tony get whacked…will Paulie turn on Tony…is Tony turning states…
    Tony picks music (great mx thru whole show)…then who’s gonna whack Tony…eating onion rings….and then the screen goes black…first thought is …f**k my Tivo cut out the end of the last episode of Sopranos…then… the credits roll…
    oy…is he or isn’t he??? couldn’t sleep….
    still pondering if it was good or bad?
    sweet dreams my cousin….and keep strong.

  4. Glad to hear that they finally got you at least somewhat settled so that you can move this forward. I just know that with your strength you will get through this and then, yes, Paris sounds great!

    In the forest/trees mode, I note that, clearly, there is money to be made after all this is over in setting up electronic communications and connectivity for hospital patients. When you make big bucks off this idea, I want a cut.

    Also in the light TV vein, I recommend the new season of Top Chef on Bravo on Wednesdays (the first episode was last week, but they will replay it this week before the new episode) and the new season of The Closer starts on the 18th on TNT.


  5. Seth, I live in Birmingham, AL and am getting treatment for AML type 4 at UAB hospital. In a few weeks I will be getting a 3rd treatment of the high dose Ara-C. When I start each dose, I have to do what I call the drunk test because of the cerebellum problems the chemo can cause. The drunk test consists of signing my name, walking the line, and touching my nose then the nurses finger four or five times. I am waiting for my BMT and look forward to going back to grad school. Check out my website. It seems that we have a lot in common. Good luck, and may God smile on you each day.

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