Seth’s Personal Assistant

Some things never change. I wanted a temporary, part time job that was challenging, exciting and creative. Leave it to Seth to make sure that this position meets all the requirements. However the pay is not what I think I am worth!

So when the tone of the blog changes and the phrasing is not quite what you expect, attribute that to his new assistant.



7 Responses

  1. Okay Mom,
    I know your work habits…..organized…efficient….and very good with people
    And persistent…so keep negotiating the salary.
    A co worker!
    My constant prayers…Bernice

  2. OK, my philosophy is – this is the job from which you strive to be fired! Sending good thoughts to Seth and you. May this hospital stay be better than the warnings say, and may it lead to a well-accepted transplant so Seth can heal at home, return to work, and send you back to NYC.
    Lots of love,

  3. This is what happens when you accept a job for which you are overqualified! LOL.


  4. Seth, You’re in luck; you could not have selected a more qualified, talented, devoted assistant. It is so rare to have someone with all these qualities, be sure you treat her right!

  5. So what’s the verdict? Enquiring minds (mine and Voodoo’s) want to know!

  6. As Goldings, we never fully retire…plus it’s overrated…from what I hear you are one heck of an assistant and support system…(not that you would be anything less)…
    Sending you love…and hugs

  7. Okay, so you’ve got a temp assignment…and won’t be coming up to Toronto, like next week? I guess my job now is to hightail it to Philly, so you and I can spend some girl-capable time together. I was brought up well – I’ll clean, I’ll run errands…anything YOU need. We all have one goal – make Seth’s day-to-day as good as possible.


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