Still on the Roller Coaster

After the first few big dips, we finally seem to be crawling up the other side of the roller coaster.  Unfortunately we cannot see around the next bend.  Seth is comfortable after having his breathing tube removed and is breathing easier than when it was in.  There are still other complications that are being actively addressed.  Seth was awake for a good period of time today and was able to recognize family and respond to voices and faces. He become very agitated when his MAC was threatened by his brother’s PC.  It was great to see that interaction.  Brothers will be brothers.  I can only imagine what the two of them will be up to in the coming days.

Filled with hope and prayers



Roller Coaster

Since Seth’s surgery on June 14, he has been riding a roller coaster.  There were several good days but as the surgeons told us, the chance for infection could be a strong possibility after about a week.  It seems that possibility has become a reality and Seth is fighting a stubborn infection.  This has brought him to the Medical ICU for the best possible care and diagnosis of the problem.  It is frustrating not to have all the answers as to the cause but we are confident that this will be resolved.  He is getting all the best treatment and attention not only from an outstanding medical team but also from his brother, sister in law and the rest of the immediate family.  We look forward to having him respond himself via email, blackberry and blog just as soon as he is able.

Your prayers and love mean so much to all of us.


Day 6 Following Surgery

I know the title is getting a bit stale but it is the easiest way for me to try to keep track.  Seth is settling in to his room and beginning to feel more comfortable in his surroundings. The staff at the hospital have been amazing.  They are really special.  Seth is still feeling the after affects of the anesthesia and pain meds that he needed but each day he is making good progress.

As you know, your prayers and good wishes truly make the difference.  We appreciate all your good thoughts.


Day 5-Following Surgery

It is so nice to be able to share some good news with you.  Seth was moved out of ICU tonight to a regular room.  He was exhausted from the move but very happy to be taking the next step in his recovery.  Details to follow.

As always, your continued prayers and best wishes are the best medicine!


Day 4 Following Surgery

Seth is showing more and more strength each day.  Another tube was removed this morning.  He was out of bed and sitting in the chair before we even got there.   He was rather pleased with that!  It is good to see the progress Seth is making, but frustrating because we want it to go quickly; it is his body that is dictating the pace.

Your messages are bringing all of us added strength and encouragement.


Day 3 Following Surgery

Seth is still in ICU but is showing good signs of physical improvement.  Some tubes were removed today and they even got him to sit up in the chair for a short period of time. Post-surgery in ICU tends to be a very confusing time as day and night have no meaning, meds are bountiful and interruptions of all the staff continuous.  The doctors reassured us that once in a regular room this will quickly dissapate.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and kind words.  They are so helpful to all.


Day 2 Following surgery

The day started off quite well.  He insisted on having in Blackberry brought to him.  (Of course you know that happened). Seth was far more alert and asking lots of questions.  The surgeons came in to check on their work and were pleased with Seth’s progress.  He literally was at them with lots of questions and they were so honest and forthright with their responses.  I think it really made Seth feel so much better to be part of the discussion. All of his blood work was being very carefully monitored and it was discovered that there was a bacteria infection that needed to be checked out.  The strain of bacteria was resistant to the antibiotics that he was on.  There was  concern that the Hickman line was problematic and after careful consultation with surgery, oncology and infectious diseases the decision was made to remove the line to make sure that no infection remained in his system.  The Hickman will be reinstalled as needed to help him along the road to recovery.  This was done late tonight and he was fine.  I saw him and he said to please go home with Aunt BJ and Uncle Lenny and get some sleep and oh yes, please bring my computer tomorrow.

Please continue the love and prayers and they are an inspiration to all