Sportin’ a baldy

Sportin’ a baldy today

Originally uploaded by sdpalmer.

My hair was growing in too unevenly so I had it cut today … all the way back. Looks great. Feels cold! 🙂

I had it done mid-morning today and was a little self-conscious afterwards at work, so I still wore my surgical scrub hat, but I’m getting more accustomed to it.

Mom and I went out tonight to Trader Joe’s for a food run and for the first time since I left the hospital, I didn’t put something on my head. I’ll get used to it slowly, I suppose.


5 Responses

  1. Very handsome look. With summer just around the corner, you can maximize the best of the breezes! Don’t forget the spf30 (45)+
    xo, ABJ

  2. this is a great look! Totally hot!!

  3. How very cool.

    When Ted and l make our way to Philadelphia, l think we could go steamlined too. Possibly not Ted… might cause issues there. But l’ve never done shaved head so whoo hoo!

    If we sat side by side and read a book lying open on a table we might look like a Reubens painting of a voluptuos lady. How rude! I can’t believe Teddy makes me write these things whilst forcing me to drink shiraz on a lazy Sunday night…

    Now … How does it go Ted? Oh that’s right “Oh a oh a, you were my first love…”

    Well done Ted.. Now, try it like this, while holding the hairbrush / microphone…

    Hang in there baby!



  4. G’Day Mate from Oz –

    Nice shiny head to match your shiny teeth and that lovely smile – talk w/u soon


  5. Haven’t you “heard” Bald is the hot new look….way in…way sexy…and on you…way gorgeous….!!!! (not that you weren’t before)….xoxoxoxo

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