Sticky situation

Wow – it’s been a while since I posted a health update. Everything’s still fine: my blood numbers are still in the same general area and I’ve had no problems or complications so I’m still out of the hospital. I’ve been getting stronger every day and have started working a lot more over the past week which has been invigorating – helping me to focus on life rather than on my illness. And while there is still the odd glance from people in the building about my surgical hats, it doesn’t seem to phase anyone. In fact, some colleagues have gotten really good at saying, “Hey – don’t come to my office, I have a cold … let’s meet on the phone.” I think that’s great. I also talked with the senior most person in our division – herself a cancer survivor and it was good just to talk to someone else at work who has gone through this – both cancer and work. It’s a very special bond to me (thanks, Amy!).

So – the title of this posting: sticky situation. Well — I’ve been doing so much around the house over the past couple of days my dressing over where the hickman line enters my chest has become loose and the site is a little sore. So I called the home health people and the nurse is coming this evening to fix my dressing. No big deal – I can still do just about whatever. I put another dressing over the current one, careful not to touch the site, as a temporary measure.

Next week, another meeting with the oncologist just to see how I’m doing. The blurriness in my eye from earlier this week is totally gone and I have a follow up with the ophthalmologist on Monday. Other than that, things are well. I’m looking forward to trying to get away for Memorial Day weekend and am trying to coordinate that with a friend. My first real vacation from this whole drama. It’ll feel good! So I’m hoping I’ll still stay this well at least until then.

Finally, a few new potential donor matches were found, while 2 potential donors were disqualified. However, the oncologist is still hoping for an early-July transplant.


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  1. I like the new look! Hope you can get away for the weekend change of scenery!
    xo, ABJ

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