Voodoo’s 2nd visit with daddy after chemo

Lotsa loving for the daddy

Originally uploaded by sdpalmer.

We had a good visit today with Voodoo and mamma Lenna. Voodoo just got back from 2 weeks of “boot camp” training for off-leash training and general obedience. She is a different dog: calm, confident and responsive! What an amazing transformation. No more leash pulling. She sits when told and when she doesn’t – because she does like to test – she gets corrected and she sits, realizing that we *are* in charge and not her.

Here are Voodoo and I on my bed before we went out. When she first got to the apartment, she jumped up on me to say hi and then ran around the place – jumped up onto the couch, ran up to the loft to the bed. She was soooo good and we had a lot of fun.

There are a few precious photos from today. Click on the photo above, or go right to the Flickr photoset.

As I understand it, right after I get the transplant, I have to be recontaminated by those I will be around regularly after I leave the hospital. I’m hoping to bring Voodoo home right after the transplant so I can get recontaminated with her. (Don’t be alarmed by this notion of “recontaminated” – it’s part of the recovery process after the transplant — I’ll explain more in a future posting about the procedure.)

Thank you, Lenna.

Good, Voodoo!


2 Responses

  1. It sounds like the training is going really well! When will Voodoo progress to cooking and cleaning?


  2. For a dog that eats just about anything that’s left out and sheds like crazy, cooking and cleaning are probably tricks that are a long way off.

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