So where did it go?

What? Where did what go? So on Wednesday and on Thursday they drew my bloods, as usual, to do the regular analysis and guess what? While my white blood count, ANC’s hemoglobin and platelets are all floating around the same numbers (I’ll update the blood chart here tonight), the lab reported no Leukemia blasts in my blood. I mean, WTF?!!!?!??!! They’re there on Monday; my oncologist thought she saw some when she looked at a blood sample on Wednesday, but now the lab says, “no.”

I probably shouldn’t complain. 🙂

Actually, the oncologist said floating somewhere between 0 and 3% Leukemia in my blood is not going to rush me back to the hospital. This is a good thing – I’m happy to stay out as long as possible.

Only other news I have this evening is that is finally being redesigned and this blog now appears there too – but feel free to keep reading the blog here (preferred method).

Strength and love …

PS: Voodoo is visiting on Saturday — expect many pictures! 🙂


One Response

  1. Great news, we are thrilled. Have fun with Voodoo and stay out of the hospital as long as you can.

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