Still “free”

At least in the outside world! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saw the oncologist yesterday. I’m doing OK but the Leukemia has started to reappear in my blood – the 3% of anomalous cells the machine caught on Monday were, in fact, Leukemia blasts. However, I’m still well enough to be out of the hospital and we’re going to push off that return for as long as possible. I have noticed, however, that I am a little more sluggish than before and my knees are really hurting from walking on concrete outside. And I was quite surprised last night as I putting together a book case how much energy it sucked out of me. My blood numbers are otherwise pretty good, but I guess I just need to monitor how much physical exercise I do and pay attention to my body.

What I find so interesting is that, technically, I’m healthier now than when I entered the hospital back in February, but I am significantly weaker. Or maybe I’m just more attentive to the changes in my body. Whatever it is, it’s just another one of those signs that I’m not well and it sometimes makes me feel awful. But I’m dealing. Plus, yesterday, the oncologist referred me to a therapist who specializes in cancer patients.

On the brighter side, we got a very good report about Voodoo’s off-leash boot camp training. It’s funny, I made much of the trainers’ same observations after a year of having her, except one: while I thought Voodoo may have been a little slow on the up-take on certain things, the trainers actually think she may be older than we have previously assumed. Regardless, she did very well: sit, stay and heel she’s good with. “Come”, continues to be an issue – though not entirely a bad one: issuing the command and walking away, she comes; staring at her while issuing the command – she does nothing. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see her on Saturday — videos will be in order because stills just won’t be able to capture this! (Hmmmm … new toy to purchase? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Finally, saw friends/colleagues this past weekend from Organic. Those crazy kids! Loved seeing them all. Need to schedule more regular visits – I think it helps to break up the monotony of sickness-loathing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks everyone – be back blogging again soon.

Strength and love…

UPDATE: For the curious, I weighed in at 167lbs (75.9kg) – a 3lb (1.36kg) increase over last week; an 18lb (8.18kg) increase over my hospital low of 149lbs (67.72kg). Mom is to thank for fattening me up with her excellent and frequent cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blood pressure was 122 over 86 and my temperature was 97.8ยบ F (36.5ยบ C, 309ยบ K … for all you geeks out there).


4 Responses

  1. Hi Seth,
    Though I haven’t been leaving any messages, I have been checking your blog every couple of days. I think it is super that you will be seeing a counselor to talk about some of the feelings you have. This should help you to face the difficult tasks that may be ahead for you.
    You have been through a lot and came through so far in a super way. You must continue until this is beaten and gone, and then you will be able to get back to your normal life and routines. Don’t give up my friend, be positive and look forward to better days ahead which will definitely be there.
    Everything is good down here. The usual aches and pains of old age creeping in, but generally I take everything day by day and thank God each morning that I wake up. lol. I am enjoying my retirement and of course, the wonderful weather here in Florida. I love it.
    Have been tempted to call you, but not sure that you want calls. However, one of these days, I will pick up the phone and call, not being concerned about whether you want them or not.

  2. hand slipped and I sent before finishing. Senility????
    Stay positive and if you have the chance and feel like it, let me hear from you.
    Love and peace, your friend,

  3. Seth–Thanks for sharing the good news with all of us. What a relief! I imagine you can sense the giant collective sigh from all of those who have been following the blog and were consumed with worry over the latest oncologist visit.

    I relish the idea of you being at home as long as possible and having a great relaxing visit with Voodoo.



  4. You know what, Seth? Like you said, I think it’s probably “good” to feel a minor depression, and apprehension at what’s coming in order for you to be better.

    My dad had heart surgery a number of years ago, and he had no idea how it would hit him afterwards, emotionally. He expected to get up off the table, and be back to his old (pre-illness) self. He spent a few months depressed, and sought therapy, which helped him realize his “new life”.

    You, always pro-active, are dealing with it now, and processing, and recognizing the emotional/mental help you need. Kudos to you.

    By the way, Nina does the same thing as Voodoo when told to “come”. We tried the effervescent “hey, come! woo hoo! let’s gooooo!” like coming to us was really exciting. It seems to work, um, sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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