Going back to the hospital … for transplant!

I am tentatively scheduled to go back to the hospital on July 8th to begin my transplant procedure. They have found several potential donors for me and right now, it’s looking good that I will undergo the procedure mid-July, with prep starting on the 8th. This is still tentative and needs to be confirmed, but this is the latest news.

I had my regular check-up with the oncologist earlier this week and it went well. There is still no pressing/medically-urgent need for me to go back to hospital right now so I’m still at home regaining strength, and have been to the office twice this week and anticipate working more in the office as my strength comes back. So until warranted, I’m still “free”.

I have been getting a lot of exercise and have been doing a lot of walking … and shopping (of course). The apartment is coming together really nicely and my brother has been bringing down lots of fond memories from my father’s place: photos, papers, our old trains! But there has been a part of me that really was hoping my dad would have heard this news from me, now, but I think he’s in a good place with a reliable messenger — maybe he even has some pull with the Big Guy. 🙂

That’s all for now. Gotta get to my ice-cream (hey! I lost 1lb since my last visit and I still look like a gaunt 164lbs, so I’m entitled! 🙂 )

Strength and love,


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  1. Great News – hang in there – it’s all going in the right direction. As for the ice cream and shopping – they’re magical – nothing better for what ails ya – no matter what it is 🙂 — one aids the body, one aids the soul! And the trains – seems like you’ve got the room to set them up and have a great time – enjoy!

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