My dearest Teddy …

Russell has arrivedI take it by your conspicuous absence that you have made it safely to Australia, and Steve is taking good care of you in Cairns. As your exchange student in America, I thought it only fair that I give you the latest on your dad from the past week.

His numbers have rebounded and he’s feeling very happy about that. You can hear the strength in his voice, and if you watch his determination in doing chores or working on pet projects, you can really see it come through. He is also really trying hard to get better integrated with work, but the company did what they could in his absence to get by and I think they’re so accustomed to how they’re doing things, they’re omitting from participating in key conversations and activities, and I know this is bringing him down. I think he really feels that he has something to contribute, and desperately wants to contribute to the business, but he’s getting shut out at every turn.

I suppose I could understand why. They don’t know long he’ll be out of hospital – so how much work can he really do and until when? The risk of starting something and not being to finish it would cause a lot of interference. But I think Seth knows how much he can take on and would do everything he could to finish it up, or commit to delivering it in a reasonable time frame, and if not, would have the good sense to work out some transition plan for himself. In the mean time, though, he struggles to find himself at work.

But I think you’ll like the new design of It’s really coming together nicely and is linking together all of the various blogs, podcasts, feeds, pictures, activities, maps, mashups, videos and music you could ever want. A good designer friend is expected to arrive this week – no doubt the review will be merciless, but I think he’s just egging to be challenged. And of course, at the same time, his oldest friend arrives in Philly for a visit too. Should be an interesting contrast between the two, plus his mom — can I tell how much I love her?!?!?!? — should be a nice full visit.

Wednesday, Seth goes to see the doctor. Hopefully Monday’s numbers will be good so Wednesday could be pretty routine, assuming no infections or fevers or what not that would bring him (us) back to the hospital.

Two unusual things have happened in the past couple of weeks. There were two friends that committed to showing up for visits and who simply didn’t. One hasn’t called and it’s been 2 weeks; at least the other called, apologized and explained what was going on – and then went on to say he wanted to visit this weekend, didn’t commit, except to call, and then didn’t. MEN!

But the Voodoo visit last weekend was precious. I didn’t get to see too much since plushy Rhino’s and playful dogs don’t mix well, but I heard all sorts of great things and have seen the pictures to prove it.

Voodoo’s at camp right now! Can you believe it, camp? Steve goes camping and leaves me behind; when Seth’s call camp, I suppose you’re left out of the game too, right?! Well … Voodoo’s at doggie camp for 2 weeks so Lenna and Bryan (who just lost his 12-year dog this past week ) can go on a vacation.

While at camp, Voodoo is supposed to learn off-the-leash training. There is some speculation given her age that it simply won’t be possible, but she’ll have a fun time trying. After that, Lenna and Seth have a lifetime guarantee and can return to the trainer at any time for refreshes. Seth is definitely going to need it! I know he spoils Voodoo, although I do hear Voodoo was much more responsive on the leash than before. And it’s clear that she’s been trained well since she sat without hesitation or fear when Lenna brought out the training collar. I’m sure there’s something in that mind that’s just aching for the training and discipline … she’s already got the cute thing going on!

Otherwise, Seth seems to be in good health and getting stronger. They’ve found 11 possible donor matches and the search keeps going on. Remember to ask Steve to visit to find a clinic nearby so he can get tested. Seth is trying to coordinate a bone marrow drive across his former companies so it would be great if we could his friends too.

Time for me to sign off. But if you write back and let me know what’s going on in Steve’s life, I’ll publish it here (if I can get my horn to press ). Also – snap a photo of the two of you together — it would be nice to put them side by side!

Love to everyone down under
(and above the equator)

// Russell

PS: Steve – he listens to all of that pretentious lounge music you so chided but sent along. I think Seth is conspiring to send you a package of several of those CDs.


2 Responses

  1. just remember that “mom” knows love is a two way street šŸ™‚ with stop signs, signals and the need to look both ways before crossing!

  2. Dear Russell,
    You are quite the charmer! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations with all of us. I’m looking forward to Teddy’s response. Please don’t hesitate to contribute again!

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