Chemo brain

I find it interesting – there is a marked cognitive loss … difficult to explain. Sometimes it’s vague, sometimes it’s just short-term memory, sometimes it’s longer-term memory, sometimes it’s just vocalization. It’s a weird impact that has lessoned as I’ve emerged from the Chemo twilight (as I like to call it). And there was a front-page article in today’s paper about it. New York Times: Chemotherapy Fog No Longer Ingored as an Illusion.

It is both frightening and alarming. When I first got off of the chemo, I noticed the effects more pronounced at that time. But later, I can’t remember having had certain conversations or having done certain things while on chemo. I’ve also noticed a marked impairment in eye-hand and motor coordination: in short, for me, this means I can’t play the piano nearly as well as I used to. This disheartens me most because it reminds me that I’m still sick — and the article above is a little vague about regaining memory, let alone skills.

But that’s a minor rant for tonight. I am still happily on the road to recovery and recuperation at home. My best friend’s stuffed Rhino was kind enough to write something to Teddy who, in a reciprocal fashion, is visitng Steve. Take a read — he’s a really good writer! πŸ™‚

Strength and love to all!

PS: And by the way, there was another encouraging article this week that said that red wine can actually kill Leukemia cells. Anyone know how to inject that into bone marrow? Does a chianti work better than bordeaux? πŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. On the wine, how about Port? With dark chocolate. And maybe a few raspberries (nuke them into submission, puree and make into sauce for on top of ice cream if necessary for the diet).



  2. Seth–Some good news on “the chemo fog”– not scientically proven, but several friends tell me they experienced the “fog” strictically on a short-term basis.

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