Where the numbers at?

So after a couple of days of my numbers trending low for white blood cells, ANC’s and platelets, they are starting to rebound nicely. I met with the oncologist yesterday and she said that if the ANC’s keep trending down I may go back to the hospital very soon just to get on stronger anti-biotics and avoid an infection. I’m hoping that as the numbers are now trending up that I can stay out of the hospital a little while longer – although I do yearn to continue my treatment so I can kick this. But I could do with more home cooking (I’ve gained almost 15 pounds since leaving the hospital and am at a respectable 165lbs – 75kg) and exercise. I’ve been doing a lot of walking outside. The concrete doesn’t give as much as my hard wood floors at home, so it’s been particularly brutal on my knees, but I’m doing much better now.

It was interesting visiting the oncologist yesterday. I was very forlorn there. I think partially because it was a clinic in the hospital and mostly because it not only surrounded me with people with cancer, it was just a significant reminder of how sick I really am. There was a woman receiving out-patient chemo. She was laying in a chair and it was just dripping in. I watched her for a moment and it made me feel like I am never going to get better – but the road is soooo long, I shouldn’t expect an immediate or short recovery. This, of course, goes against everything I am as a tried-and-true NY’er. 🙂

Enough for now – will write more later.


2 Responses

  1. with voodoo on your lap and home cooking on the stove that long road may shorten a bit…

    p.s. more seth and voodoo reunion shots, please!!!! 🙂

  2. Chin up chin up! Summer is coming . . . nothing like some sun and vitamin D to beat any blues away! (No, I am not about to start singing and tap dancing.)


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