Voodoo update

Voodoo napping

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Voodoo was being taken care of by Allison for the past several weeks. But it’s been a long time and Voodoo is now with my friend Lenna in suburban New Jersey. Voodoo’s been getting good exercise and after a 2 mile walk today, Voodoo crawled up on Lenna’s couch, on top of the softest cushion with a pillow and a book and took a nap.

Voodoo is adjusting to living with Lenna and Lenna is learning to live with Voodoo. It took me a year to teach Voodoo basic commands by voice. Lenna has started going to obedience school with Voodoo. Voodoo (and Lenna) is learning a lot. Lenna has other animals in her life – a cat, a horse, a great boyfriend and the boyfriend’s dog. Lots of new experiences for Voodoo. But Lenna and Voodoo are doing well together and I am forever grateful for her generosity and love.

I miss you, Voodoo.


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  1. Brian and Custer arrived last night in preparation for Sedarim. Voodoo was out of her mind with excitement at seeing Custer again! Boy does she love having another 4 legged friend for walks. I am very happy to report that despite her joy at walking with Custer, she was very excellent and stayed right at my knee (the perfect “heel”) the whole time!

    I am also very happy to report that desipte her fear of people and men, she remembered Brian and was overjoyed to see him too!

    Now if we can just get past that silly need to chase the cat!

    Lots of love from all of us.

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