Today’s update

ANC’s are coming back (200), white blood cells are up to 1.0, hemoglobin is up to 9.3 and only my platelets slipped back (to 106 – but still within a good range). Oh – and did I mention I did 10 laps today (so far) and it’s just mid-day?! So I need to work on doing stairs. We just put an order in for a (real) physical therapist to help me with that. Hopefully, she’ll come by soon for my first stair-climbing in 2 months.


4 Responses

  1. Great News all around…soon you will be making like Rocky on the stairs…with Voodoo of course!!!

    Keep it up…
    love you

  2. Seth,

    So glad to hear things are going in the right direction! It is wonderful to hear you sound so strong and determined.

    Looking forward to more good news on your next post.


  3. Thinking of you. Love Andrea & Scott.

  4. Home is calling 🙂 Keep your spirits up and all else will continue to move positively… always in my thoughts, and look forward to seeing you soon


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