Russell has arrived

Russell has arrived

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For a week now, my good friend in Australia, Steve, has been asking me if “Russell” arrived. I had no idea what he was talking about and he was keeping it awfully cryptic. Well – Russell arrived today – a plush Rhino that’s been on Steve’s bed for many years. It’s big and cuddly (Steve too) and I’m enjoying having Russell here.

I’d like to make this an exchange program so it’s time for my teddy which has been on my bed for nearly 20 years to take a trip to stay with Steve. I am just overwhelmed and happy with such a thoughtful thing to have sent. It’s brought me a lot of happiness today and I am forever indebted to Steve as one of my best friends, closest confidants, and loves. I’m pretty sure having Russell here is going to start to change things a lot.

Thank you, Steve!


4 Responses

  1. As a lover of stuffed friends (oops, stuffed animals, that is) I know how much Russell must mean to you. Hopefully having him around will make it easier not seeing Voodoo, and when you get home, Voodoo will have a new pal, too!
    Glad to see it’s not the mumps. Keep popping those pills and this too shall pass.
    As for the exercise, your mother reminds me of my gym teachers (ugh). But since she’s my special friend, I’ll say, “Do what she tells you – it’s the right thing!”, and then you may get not only the computer, but a varsity letter in laps around the floor for your hospital gown.
    Truly, your humor and positivity are inspirations to us all. Keep it going…. attitude is such an important part of healing… Marci

  2. Do I rrroll my rrs when saying “Rrrussell the rrrhino”?

    Fabulous to see that you are mumpless and chromosomally intact! Hooray!

  3. Please promise that you will make sure your gown is tied closed when you do your “laps”.

    I see on Wiki that rhinos like muddy pools. Is Russell’s visit a commentary on the state of your room?


  4. Seth,

    So nice to hear the happiness in your voice at the arrival of Russell. The healing power of good wishes is enormous!

    Thinking of you every day,


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